The Great VR Experiment Continues

"With the launch of PSVR2, the great VR experiment continues. But how long will companies keep trying to make this work?"

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crazyCoconuts104d ago

As long as there's enough of us buying?
VR and AR will be mainstream at some point it's just a matter of when...

Knushwood Butt104d ago

Why make Moss: Book 2 if the first game 'didn't work'?

Why make RE8 VR if RE7 VR 'didn't work'?

Why make GT7 VR if, well, you get the point.

ApocalypseShadow103d ago

Sony made a profit on the hardware and the software. Had a high attachment rate of games to headset ratio. If they made money and royalties, why wouldn't they make another?

Some talk about mainstream but we're years before that happens. It took consoles and gaming decades to get where it is now. But some think it's supposed to happen overnight with VR. Totally not using common sense.

Sony has the biggest potential for great VR gaming. Great console, great in-house developers, proven to be awesome headset in previews and reviews, a huge back catalog of franchises they can build VR games from that make other headsets appear to not have any at all. Huge properties like Spider-Man and Wolverine they could use to increase awareness and sales, long history and connections with their parties, proven track record in supporting home consoles for decades.

Sony has the potential to make more profit the second time around. Compare all the things you heard against any other headset maker and see that Sony has more across the board.

CS7103d ago

And also this is the reason why Sony has some of the best exclusives today.

Sony is willing to try the experimental and stay with it till it bears fruit once it is consistent with their vision.

Knushwood Butt103d ago

I pre-ordered Kayak VR last night so right off the bat I have a 1:1 ratio.
There are other games I want but my budget is blown for now.
Already have GT7 and RE8 so they don't count.

Knushwood Butt103d ago

Kayak just downloaded! I'm excited!

Zeke68103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I have GT/, RE8 and No Mans Sky since before, just downloaded Moss 1 & 2 Preorder for PSVR2 together with Kayak, Tentacular and The Light Brigade. My PSVR2 (with Horizon VRgame) is shipping today so I hope it comes here in time for releaseday the 22nd!
But there is still a few games I want that you can't buy before 22nd on PS Store. Goodbye real world for a few weeks lol. ;)

jznrpg102d ago

Nothing is mainstream to start. You need to take risks and make big investments . PSVR2 is a big step getting towards mainstream. It may be a ways off but Somy is taking the right direction .