Savage 2 now free-to-play

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, S2 Games' multiplayer battlefield game, is now free (as in beer). Just download the game, create an account, and you're off. Why bother, though? Well, it's a pretty well-received game, especially by users. The main reason, though, is the main gameplay mechanic- one player on each team acts as a "general" of sorts on the battlefield, and plays the game like an RTS. The other 62 players act as the units, and play the game as an action RPG/ FPS (i.e. they do the fighting). Not bad for a free game, especially as Windows, Mac, and Linux users can all enjoy it.

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rroded4206d ago

dl'ing it now

this games got some seriouse legs for anyone who likes fps or rts :D

TheIneffableBob4206d ago

This is a great game. The way they implemented FPS, third-person action, and RTS gameplay is fairly well done.

4206d ago
pixelsword4206d ago

...The inner nerd in me will be beaten to a pulp by my inner bully in the morning, but tonight, the inner nerd will feast on RTS bliss.

(Inner Bully gives inner nerd a wedgie).