I Don't Like Survival Games, So Why Do I Like Valheim?

DualShockers Writes "It's taken me long enough, but I finally got around to playing Valheim recently, Iron Gate Studio's surprise survival sandbox hit. It made quite a splash when it was released in early access a couple of years ago, selling five million copies in one month, but I pretty much ignored it, dismissing it as just another of the dozens of survival-crafting games that follow in Minecraft's hallowed footsteps."

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Duke19105d ago

Im sure its a good game, but the art style is such a turn off for me

hotnickles105d ago

Because mythology is awesome and timeless. I’m the same way. The last time I had a fun time playing a survival game was don’t starve around the the start of the ps4. It was a monthly plus game, I loved it. I can’t wait to play Valheim on console. The main reason for me is mythology. If I’m surviving in a world that I find interesting then I don’t think about it.