5 Games to Play Now That Marvel's Avengers Is Dead

With Marvel's Avengers officially stopping service soon, here are five games that fans might want to try to fill the void that it's bound to leave.

badz149520d ago

will this game die off without ever coming to PS+ first for one last hurrah?


Buildcrafting In RPGs And Why Players Not Focusing On It Is A Missed Opportunity

RPGs like Borderlands, Destiny 2, and Elden Ring all become much more enriching experiences with the inclusion of buildcrafting.


Destiny 2 Cheat Maker Asking for New Trial, Claims Bungie Failed to Prove They Copied Source Code

Destiny 2 cheat maker Aimjunkies is seeking a new trial against Bungie claiming the studio never actually checked their cheat's source code.

jjb19812d ago

It amazes me how they don't see what they're doing as completely wrong regardless of source code not being copied.

thorstein2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'd love to see them brought up on destruction of property charges... for each and every player affected by their cheats.

And the arrogance to just act like they're not doing anything wrong is insane.

Seraphim2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

just because something is wrong doesn't make it illegal. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I agree with the cheat maker, but if what they are doing isn't "illegal" then the courts may have gotten it wrong. Furthermore, if it is not illegal then good old Government needs to implement laws to protect software companies from exploiters such as this. Again, being wrong isn't necessarily illegal and legality is all that matters in a court of law, or at least it used to.

jjb19812d ago

I get what you're saying. There should be laws against that especially I'm spending money in the interest of fair play and the mechanics are being manipulated by an outside source.

1d 19h ago
EternalTitan1d 16h ago

What do you mean?
They made something that gamers download it makes game experience better.

jjb19811d 12h ago

I'm sure it does. It might make it fun for you but it doesn't make you better. At the same time, it's not fun for those that actually try to be good at the game. I bet you pirate Switch games. 🤡

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Destiny 2 is Making Grandmaster Nightfalls Even More Lethal

Destiny 2 is getting a lot of changes with Echoes Act 2, including making one enemy the deadliest it's ever been.

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ChasterMies5d ago

Destiny Tracker shows about 704K players yesterday, down from 1.6M during the height of The Final Shape launch window. It’s all downhill from here.

BlackTar1875d ago

I can’t imagine being such a worthless person. Well done