Most Unrealistic Things in Games

GF365: "These are some of the most unrealistic things in games. Keep in mind that these features or mechanics are not meant to be criticized in this article. If a game is too realistic, it wouldn't be very enjoyable. There has to be a degree of impracticality in many games to make them fun experiences. So, the entries on this list may be stuff that you like or dislike, but we aren't here to judge."

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EvertonFC107d ago

Number 1: Journalists who review them

contra157107d ago

When entering a game or cinema your supposed to leave reality behind

Aggy102d ago

Not always, but a good deal of the time.

Aggy102d ago

I like my games being realistic, but I do leave room for the miraculous. The most important thing is that the developers set up a story we can believe in. If those rules exist in the story, then make it make sense.