The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Vaginas Were ‘Unintended,’ Devs Say

Looks like the realistic genitals weren't supposed to be in the fantasy RPG

CrimsonWing69106d ago

Why not? Why does this bother people so much?

isarai106d ago

Because people are prudes, especially in the west. Would make more sense rather than just being smooth like a doll.

gleepot106d ago

its not being a prude, theres a thing called modesty

StormSnooper106d ago

not the "west", just in countries with history of quakers and religious fundamentalists.

In France for instance, there is not such fear of vaginas.

Check out gluepot below, he is a victim of modesty too. Its like there is something shameful about the human nature. Violence they are fine with, but god forbid vagina.

Psychonaut85106d ago

Gleepot, bet you’re a lot of fucking fun at parties

DarXyde105d ago

People in the west are prudes?

Compared to what, the east?

Mate, I'm a westerner living in the east. Every culture is different, but I would definitely say the "prude" thing applies more to the east. But that's just me.

VariantAEC104d ago

Uh... you realize Poland is considered a Western nation and is majority Catholic right?
So the devs are the prudes... it's their game though, right?

101d ago
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CobraKai105d ago

Cuz they haven’t matured to the point where they realize boys have a penir and girls have a birdgina

thorstein102d ago

Excuse me, it's girls have a period and boys have a comma.

CobraKai102d ago

AHAHAHAHAHA. Imma keep that in mind

PapaBop105d ago

Because genocide is fine and cool but hell will freeze over at next gen vaginas.

CrimsonWing69105d ago

Oh shut the hell up. Being comfortable with vag in media doesn’t mean you don’t have a real woman you idiot.

TheEnigma313105d ago

get a real woman like i said.

CrimsonWing69105d ago

I feel like you’re projecting…

Are you lonely?

MontyeKristo105d ago

Who knows? Cyberpunk allowed me to change the dudes schlong size..

CrimsonWing69105d ago

Yea it seems weird that this is so taboo, now 🤷‍♂️

thorstein102d ago

Population of world: 8 Billion people.

Women make up 51% of people.

There are currently 4,080,000,000 human vaginas on the planet right now.

Ermagerd! Sex organs!

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CorndogBurglar106d ago

But.....someone took the time to add them to the character models.

porkChop106d ago

Read the article. They included a bunch of mods from the community. This one wasn't meant to be included in the game.

darksky105d ago

The lazy ass clowns just copied other peoples work. Surely they have to pay them for it.

VenomUK105d ago

Why have last-gen pussy when you can have next-gen pussy?

TheEnigma313105d ago

because they can't get a real woman.

masterfox106d ago

Good we need more detailed games, I wonder if it has ray traced applied :D

Angelin105d ago

Subsurface scattering is what you want. 😎

masterfox104d ago

with the proper amount of tessellation :D

curtain_swoosh106d ago

dear god, the game is 18+ anyways.

leave the vag alone. ya prudes.

PureBlood106d ago

It looks like CDPR are taking their vaginas out. I'm afraid it's curtains for these labia.

Duke19106d ago

Seems like a total non issue, but I will say “Next Gen Vaginas” is definitely an attention grabbing title

zaanan105d ago

Next-Gen Vaginas would be a great name for a band!

thorstein102d ago

We're playing next Friday at the CocknGobble.

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