CDPR say Witcher 4 will be different from Witcher 3: "We don't want to be stuck in the same spot"

The next Witcher game will still be an RPG but players can expect new things as CD Projekt Red want to push boundaries and discover new ways of storytelling.

Terry_B22d ago

Each of the 3 existing Witcher games is pretty different from each other..

just_looken21d ago

They were different because they went from being a port studio with there last port being the god awful saints row 2 pc port to making the witcher one.

The first witcher was there first actual game with there own engine the 3rd one showed there years of experience/in house engine improvements.

This witcher game has very very few of the original people behind it and its using unreal engine like so many other games.

The big elephant in the room is that they are now proudly esg supports and go to a panel of esg reps to approve there games now.


The is cdpr 2020's not the 2010's cdpr we used to know.


Take the blood/sex/nudity/adult humor/combat system/rpg mechanics/writing/story charecters/art/design and there passion/drive from the first 3 games throw it in the fucking trash there now you got what they have right now for the witcher 4.

New engine new writing team new everything even esg leadership so yeah "Witcher 4 will be different from Witcher 3"

Sonic188121d ago (Edited 21d ago )

This doesn't sound good without the original team

RiseNShine21d ago

Didn't know that, disgusting, so i'm going from day 1 purchase to wait and see until i know how bad this gets.

Crows9021d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I'll say that cyberpunk 2077 is a great game. Witcher 1 is my favourite game in the series with the 3rd being my least favourite.

We'll see how the new team does.


Never buy day1 regardless of studio

MeatyUrologist21d ago

Uggh thanks for pointing out. Didn't realize they sold out to the esg crowd. Too bad, I thought they were one of the few untouched "gamer" developer. Poland was one of the last non-woke countries left but appears they too have caved to the ESG money.

jznrpg21d ago

It’s common for people to shit on games before they come out. We haven’t even seen anything of Witcher 4. It could be great it could be mediocre etc. I’m not going to prejudge just because the company has interests in other areas. I only care if the Witcher 4 is good or not.

just_looken21d ago


I think you need to look at the games dei/esg have been involved in/ help fund like sr/ss

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Kaii22d ago

My only issue with 3 was with the combat

bRuud8321d ago

Combat was never the strongest part of the series.

just_looken21d ago

True but anyone that thinks witcher 3 2.0 combat is bad would never get past the first section of witcher one.

Profchaos21d ago

I felt 3 was ok took a long for it to click but I tried 2 and I found combat controls to be my biggest barrier to actually enjoying it was about 50 times clunkier than 3

thorstein21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I thought the weakest point was the copious amount of dialog. Sometimes less is more. I remember clicking through just to get to the objective.

outsider162421d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Compared to W1, W3 feels like a masterpiece in combat..lol.

Nacho_Z21d ago

I loved it despite the combat so if they can get that right it'll be an incredible game. The other thing I wasn't fond of was being deluged with loot, quality over quantity for me.

sagapo21d ago

Can someone tell me what they didn’t like about the combat? Was it the pace or something? Because I didn’t have any problem with the combat once I realized it wasn’t a button mashing type of combat…
I honestly like to know.

Nacho_Z21d ago

Weightless, floaty, without impact and generally unsatisfying.

Also on the hardest difficulty you could literally get one shotted by a dwarf with a wooden club despite max gear so there was a hell of a lot of dodging and rolling, as in almost constantly, which didn't add to the fun.

sagapo21d ago

@Nacho: I haven’t played on the hardest difficulty truth be told so I can’t comment on that part.
My build however was a dual wield/aard sign build; knock back enemies and hit them hard + ranged got deflected. I did dodge and roll a lot anyway with this build so it didn’t really bother me, so yeah, fun for me, not for you I guess.
Thx for sharing your thoughts tho.

thorstein21d ago

I would say that, for me, it was the silly cutscenes in the middle of boss fights that didn't match the fight itself.

Example: I mastered the combat early. In one boss fight, I was untouched, flawless. Then a cutscene shows me barely beating the boss toe to toe.

Ciri vs 3 witches. I took down the one from the cutscene first. She's dead. I blink away. Fight, defeat the other two. And blink to the entrance before the cutscene triggered. Suddenly, I'm in the middle of everything with a crone who has long since been defeated and, instead of blinking away, Ciri becomes the dumbest character ever, and stoops to let the very precious token dangle in front of the crone.

Both of those are narrative breaking.

jznrpg21d ago

It’s the best of the series. Of course it could improve but at least it’s not Elder Scrolls combat which hasn’t changed since ever.

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helicoptergirl22d ago

Bethesda seems like a studio that is "stuck in the same spot". Development wise. Glad CDPR are wary of that element in game design.

jznrpg21d ago

They have actually declined from all the systems they had in Morrowind. Acrobatics Athletics is gone. Spells are simpler. Combat hasn’t changed at all. They added a strip of sprint button and you only have enough stamina to run for 10 seconds but you can kill dragons and powerful beings. I could go on but yeah they are stuck in reverse

babadivad21d ago

I was done when they made races purely cosmetic.

Hugodastrevas21d ago

This can either go very well or very badly. I hope the latter.

DaReapa21d ago

So you're wishing bad on the game?
J/k, lol. I assume to know what you meant.

Hugodastrevas19d ago

You're right I meant the former, thanks for the correction.

just_looken21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

That is on your mobile device they copied pokemon go few years back


It was such a flop they removed the videos and removed the link to that article but its still on there servers.

savedsynner21d ago

LOL...Ceri with a gatling gun