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God of War Ragnarok gets PC release date, but Steam Deck compatibility is still uncertain

God of War Ragnarok gets an official release date on the Steam Store, but Steam Deck fans are left uncertain about its fate on the handheld.

anast19d ago

It will be listed as "playable".

Michiel198919d ago

I don't see it running any good on the steamdeck but maybe if they introduce enough options to lower the settings it might run semi decent.

Amplitude19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Its literally a PS4 game, and likely will be able to lower settings even lower than that.

Assume low and medium settings, FSR2 Quality mode 720p, and an unstable 45fps or a stable 40fps like any other PS4 era port (Uncharted 4 for example). It'll be fine on the Deck if it's your only option

anast19d ago

Same, it won't be "Deck verified" for sure.

smashman9819d ago

Amplitude beat me to it. I'd like to add that games like returnal and ratchet and clank rift apart run on the deck and those are actual ps5 games.

just_looken18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

It should sense the games were made for hardware 12 years ago

Do not forget your precious god of war was made for the ps4 console first a console wayyy weaker than the steamdeck.

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smashman9819d ago

Most games listed as playable are only that way due to needing to use the on-screen keyboard or some adjacent thing.

anast19d ago

GoW will be playable on the lowest setting possible, but it wont look good.

just_looken18d ago

I bet you it might be down to the stupid psn crap were it needs the server handshake or some bs for the trophies to work.

smashman9818d ago

It depends on your definition of good I guess. I use my Steam deck to play my games natively when I'm away from my PC so admittedly when I'm on the deck fidelity doesn't matter as much to me.


Single-Player Titles God Of War Ragnarok & Until Dawn Will Require PSN Account On PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming single-player PC games like God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn will require a PSN account.

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PrinceOfAnger20d ago

Sony will lose support and money from 177 countries that support Steam but do not support PSN!
Tell me about stupidity, I'll tell you Sony.
Its concern is to increase the number of PSN subscribers, at the expense of profit and
More sales for their games from 177 countries.

purple10120d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Thing is it’s free to create an account (for pc players)

So they don’t need essential / extra / premium tiers, there is literally no good reason. Stupid but I don’t know the ins-and-outs but I can imagine it’s just a dumb reason

Ohh actually maybe it’s to combat piracy, so the game will not launch unless you have psn, then Sonys server end would validate if it’s a real copy or a cracked one

That could be it

ApocalypseShadow20d ago

Ding ding ding. Your edit brought the answer. Lol

Sony wants to validate their games on PC so that they know who's legit and who stole them. I understand Prince in that we have too many accounts we have to make. And it's a slippery slope. Like ported Xbox games to PlayStation will require a Microsoft account. Besides the already Ubisoft accounts and Epic accounts. Hard to keep up with all these names and passwords.

But you figured it out.

blacktiger20d ago

so you are saying it's another DRM? And is it always online? even though it's single player offline game?

darthv7220d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Its free... sure. The main issue are the countries that are not on the list to select when creating the account. And I don't think Sony allows nearest neighbor, where you pick the one closest to you that is supported. People can obviously pick any country they want from the list, but that then becomes saddled to them going forward. Personally my country is supported, and I have not felt the need to change it so I dont even know if you can after the fact. If I were to move to an unsupported country... would the games even work if it detects me playing it from one when I am registered in the other?

This all stems from the whole Helldivers fiasco. Countries that support steam, and let them buy it and play only to have them cut off because their country was not officially part of the PSN account creation which was later enforced after the fact.

Andrew33620d ago

I believe every Sony single player game has leaked online the same day it releases. Needing a psn account to play the game legally isn't gonna change the fact it'll be pirated same day.

Jingsing20d ago

They'll find out sadly that most of their games are pirated, Ghosts of Tsushima over 500k people downloading it not on Steam, It sold below 70k on Steam.

ApocalypseShadow20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Black tiger, we all know games are stolen all the time on PC. Stolen to play. Stolen and emulated to play older system's games. The only way to stop it or slow it down is to have some type of security measure.

They're businesses. They have every right to protect what they make. PC gamers don't have ANY right to steal it.

There's a grey area when it comes to games purchased and the companies make your purchase unplayable through updates it closing servers. And we decide to take measures in our own hands to continue playing what was rightfully purchased by downloading it modding the code. But it's still theft.

Some gamers don't like the measures because they want the option to steal. Not everyone does. But many on PC do. That's just the reality. You can hide from the truth. But the truth is still there.

--Onilink--20d ago

What good does it do to create an account (with fake information from another country) if the game isnt released in Steam in that country anyway?

Or are you expecting people to also have to create another steam account in another country in order to link it to the PSN account they now have to make, just to be able to play Sony games?

Its a dumb and unnecessary situation, simple as that

shinoff218320d ago

You make a good point about piracy. Still weird Sony is the only one under fire about this even though they aren't alone, ea, ubisoft, Microsoft, etc. I don't know why Sony doesn't sell in those countries, but it's their prerogative.

20d ago
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ApocalypseShadow20d ago

I understand the account thing but you're way off on the subscriber thing.

just_looken20d ago


I agree and i see the defenders are here

Once again everyone you need real information to make a psn account so you can only have one account you loose that then you loose all your playstation digital games and have bricked consoles.

The use of programs like vpns are a banable offense to sony and like so many other companies are monitoring your chat/activity via ai bots.

You should not half to buy a game then fill out a form like your buying a gun just to play a single player game.

Every other launcher like ea/ubi/rstar/acti/blizzard/bet h You just need a email address/password acti has on some game the bs phone # crap or unless your going to buy something then yeah real info. But sony like i said you need to give everything but a nude selfie/dna sample but that will be for psvr 4 and or ps6.

Magatsuhi20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

You're full of bs. I literally just made a fake psn account in el salvador and i had no issues. All i did was google map an address and a zip code and voila, psn account. Did not need to add any personal information.

Where does it state you need ps+ to play online on steam? You're being purposefully hyperbolic and dishonest or just stupid in order to spin outrage because you hate sony for very dumb reasons.

just_looken20d ago

choo choo here comes the sony blind boys

I never said you need psplus for steam never

I also said sense 2023 again 2023

But i get it its sony they do 0 wrong

P_Bomb20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

“…you need to give everything but a nude selfie/dna sample”

Nobody wants your dna. I promise you.

badz14920d ago

"...you need real information to make a psn account so you can only have one account you loose that then you loose all your playstation digital games and have bricked consoles."

It's one thing to be a hater but it's another to be full of crap.

1. I have multiple accounts in 4 countries for several reasons. And making the PSN accounts is free.

2. Lose your account, you lose everything associated with that account? Wow...like every other accounts too? WTH are you on about?

Amplitude20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Though I agree with you it sucks to have to create an account - literally not a single thing that you said was true.

-You don't need real information.
-You can have any number of accounts.
-Its rare to lose a PSN account, but the game is still tied to Steam no matter how you slice it. Once you have it, your game can't be taken away by anybody but Valve.
-You won't be banned for playing a single player game with a VPN on.
--There is no form or ID required.
-The Sony "form" requires the exact same details as Steam. It also doesn't need a phone number.

There are very real reasons why the account requirement is bs but every other comment covers that.

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StormSnooper20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Who gives a shit, they don’t want to sign up, they can always play other games and sign up to their requirements instead. You want PSN games, you sign up to PSN. Same applies to every other platform.