PlayStation Plus & Xbox Game Pass Aren't Big Enough to Impact Business, Says Take-Two Boss

Gaming subscription services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass have almost certainly had an impact on how we in the hardcore sphere perceive the value of video games — but they're yet to have a truly significant impact on how big publishers do business. At least, that's what Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has to say on the matter.

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blackblades111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Na we just seen the impact

XiNatsuDragnel111d ago

The impact will happen my friend.

TheCaptainKuchiki110d ago

Only if Sony decides to launch a true gamepass service.
MS cannot change the whole gaming industry by themselves.

XiNatsuDragnel110d ago

I think Sony should keep it like this where you can get games on a service two years later making things affordable to devs.

shinoff2183110d ago

Sony shouldn't and doesn't need to do that though. Their games most of the time are right on point. Only thing I want from Sony is a fallout like game. Now with Bethesda and all. I think Sony has people that would absolutely nail it. I'm also a diehard fallout fan from back on the pc days(I still yearn for a more old-school fallout approach)

Anyway way off topic yea I don't believe Sony needs to do that. Given all the info being released lately about the effects gamepass is having on ms sales and what not. I'd rather them not take that aspect on. Ps plus is pretty straight now. Could use some more old school stuff though.

rokos110d ago

Still early days for those services in my opinion they haven't matured yet to see the full impact they would create.

DeusFever110d ago

Microsoft already admitted that Game Pass cannabilizes Xbox game sales. And anyone paying for a subscription service knows how it goes. Take Two is speaking for itself here. GTA V was the top download on PS5 in January 2023, over 9 years from release. Other publishers won’t be so blessed.

MIDGETonSTILTS17110d ago

GTAV was also free for ps5 owners, that matters.

I downloaded it and uninstalled 5 minutes later, because the upgrade didn’t impress me immediately. And I haven’t played since.

shinoff2183110d ago

I thought it was on free for online portion and the ps4 version. I can't remember exactly.

FinalFantasyFanatic110d ago

Microsoft have also said that Game Pass hasn't churned a profit yet either, so I suspect that no one wins financially, except those who subscribed and played the games on Game Pass.

MIDGETonSTILTS17110d ago

Says the dev that achieved the single highest amount of profit from any form of media, ever?

Yah, we know GTA6 will still sell in record numbers. Nobody doubted that.

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