Why Dragon Quest Has Always Been So Much More Popular in Japan

In Japan, Dragon Quest is a cultural phenomenon. In the U.S., it's that "other" JRPG franchise. What caused such a massive difference in the game's global reception?

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shinoff218344d ago

These days I enjoy dq way more then ff. Dq 11 was better then anything after ff10 maybe even ff10. I do feel that dq12 is gonna go action based rpg. Which is unfortunate but time will tell.

OtterX44d ago

Same here. Even Tales games I'm enjoying more now days. There was just a sense of awe and wonder, that sense of adventure we all wanted to experience when were were kids that I no longer feel that in Final Fantasy games. I'll still play them, but I miss the earlier SNES, PS1 days.

shinoff218344d ago

That snes ps1 Era was magical especially when it comes to rpgs.

andy8543d ago

I hope not. DQ is the only one that's stuck to its roots. Given its massively popular in Japan, even over FF, I'd hope they will stick with what sells over there.

Gardenia43d ago

I agree. Final Fantasy hasn't made a great game for a long time now. I enjoy the Dragon Quest, Tales and Ys series more as of late.

FinalFantasyFanatic43d ago

It's sad to see how low FF has fallen now, I always tend to think of other games now when I think about JRPGs, Persona, Tales, Legend of Heroes, DQ, Bravely Default... There are just some many games I'd rather play over modern FF.

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andy8543d ago

Thankfully thats shifting more and hopefully means more localisation (especially DQX offline)

franwex43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Strange. Gamers complain about game franchises being the same thing over and over again. DQ actually gets praised for it.

I personally have played several DQ games and I tend to stop playing them after 30 hours. Just too long, and repetitive. Most RPGs I suppose are like this-but with DQ I lose interest as the plot doesn’t really grab me.

SaiyanFury43d ago

Final Fantasy doesn't really do the whole fantasy thing too much anymore.

franwex40d ago

Ff 16 looks pretty fantasy.