6 Games That Final Fantasy Fans Will Enjoy

Yagmur Sevinc from NoobFeed writes - Final Fantasy XVI is on its way and is expected to come out to the newer gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but what will the fans do meanwhile? Luckily for us, there are a lot of great JRPG games that quench the fans of the Final Fantasy series! Some of these fans have to be familiar with and some not, but one thing remains: They are all highly praised games that fans are sure to enjoy.

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phoenixwing749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

Approved only because a picture says a thousand words ;) most of them involving arousal lol

il-JumperMT749d ago

chocobo racing? hell NO. do not even think of giving 1 cent to SE for that abomination

DaniMacYo749d ago

That article pic though…. Interesting choice.

DragonWarrior19749d ago

They knew their target audience XD

SDuck749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

As a Final Fantasy fan, you peaked my interest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

nommers749d ago

That's not the only thing that peaked >_>

moriarty1889749d ago

That’s one hell of a screen shot to promote an article with.

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Yoko Taro Passes Respect; Says Stellar Blade Is "Much Better" Than Nier: Automata

Stellar Blade's creative director, Hyung Tae Kim, has also claimed that the game is deeply inspired by Nier: Automata.

shadowhaxor33d ago

I feel like Yoko is downgrading Automata because he has expressed multiple times he'd like to revisit the universe, but Squenix hasn't been keen about it. We know he loves 2B and would love to take her out for another spin, so maybe this is how he gets the company to think about it.

gold_drake33d ago

u do realise that Square made Nier a franchise after Automata right?

Taro is downplaying it cause hes not a snob like most of the directors that think their games are gods gifts to the human race.

he said the same thing when being interviewed during the development of Automata too, that he couldnt have done it without the devs.

hes just a humble guy rly.

shadowhaxor33d ago

I mean, Neir existed before Automata with both OG Niers and Drakenguard. I don't count NieR Replicant, since it's a remake of the OG games. Sure, we have Reincarnation, which is still stuck on mobile devices (quite a damned shame). I just remember Taro saying he'd love to revisit Automata if Square Enix lets him. I do recall there was supposed to be a sequel to Automata, but it wasn't confirmed and I'd imagine it was just for Reincarnation.

Enjoy Taro, he seems like a cool guy, who loves the ladies and is humble. But damn, don't put down one of your masterpieces.

Cacabunga33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I really liked Automata and cannot wait for Stellar Blade

isarai33d ago

I get he's giving them some credit, but i strongly disagree based on the demo. I honestly don't think any aspect of it feels good, it's not bad, it's just kinda ok but definitely a little jank. Also the souls like formula it is adopting does not help it imo. I was looking forward to this for years, now im just kinda let down honestly 🫤

TheProfessional33d ago

That's too bad its a souls like.