Impossible Mode Makes Dead Space Worth Replaying

DualShockers Writes "Feel that Dead Space lost its edge towards the end? Impossible mode will sharpen it in a heartbeat."

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hotnickles41d ago

I plan on doing the cutter only run on impossible. I remember doing that back in the day and I had a great time.

Eidolon41d ago

I was considering it until I read it deletes your save file if you die, and I've only played it once on PS3, and almost done with it on PS5. I still don't think I know the game enough to complete it without dying.. Would suck to be almost through the game and die to some stupid shit.

hotnickles41d ago

I don’t remember permadeath being a thing in the old game. I did beat it though and the “cutter only run” made it easier actually. If that’s the only gun you have that’s the only ammo you get and all the upgrades go into that. At least that’s how it was back in the day.

To be fair I had already beat the game multiple times before I attempted this so it was autopilot at that point so yeah you are probably right.

Eidolon40d ago

You're right, but it reverts the save file to Hard,. and from what I've been reading, beating the game on "Hard" after being reverted from Impossible will still achieve Unstoppable.