Activision Blizzard Boasts Breaking Records in Financial Results thanks to Call of Duty, Warcraft

Activision announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2023, related to the period between October 1, and December 31, 2022.

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Christopher42d ago

"Following its October launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II delivered the highest opening-quarter sell-through in franchise history."

Seriously, it's an unstoppable juggernaut.

bigfish42d ago

Things will change for them drastically if the MS buyout goes ahead.

Orchard42d ago

In what way? I guess they'll have more funding available technically, but it's not like Activision/COD has really struggled in that department.

Maybe we'll see more investment in their other IPs like Crash, Spyro etc.

darkrider41d ago

From breaking sales record, the records will be shoots fired, Granades launched, players dead and so on...

wesnytsfs41d ago

It will be on more platforms and be part of game pass after acquisition. Nothing will change for Playstation. This deal will go thru their is zero reason for it not.

just_looken41d ago

Call of duty is not a juggernaut its the only big dog left in the AAA fps market.

So many jerk each other over cod mw2 without mentioning no other game came out in the same genre and that the last cods were very bad games.

But when a cod comes out with no battlefield/killzone/halo/batt lefront/dlc for apex etc it sells very well like really? so dam shocking.

Next will be articles saying it was the best military fps that came out q4 2022 you know # 1/1

1Victor41d ago

So does this means we can put to rest the narrative that activision is loosing money and need Microsoft to bailout activision

Christopher41d ago

This was never the case. The executives want a huge payout. That's all. Everything else is just selling big money into the pockets of people who already make the most money at the company.

Orchard42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

COD continues to be a beast, also not surprised it did that well, the MW series is always an 'on year' for COD and people were hungry after the 'off year' that was Vanguard. This is exactly why MS are dropping 70bn on them.

Gamehard42d ago

I thought they were doing it more for candy crush?

Orchard42d ago

I'm sure they're interested in that too, King makes a lot of money and T2 bought Zynga so they probably want some foothold in that market too.

But COD is huge in the console/PC space, no doubt about it.

Poopmeister41d ago

"This is exactly why MS are dropping 70bn on them"

Well Microsoft needed a new FPS to replace Halo, so it works out in the end

Orchard41d ago

Yep, and if you want a replacement FPS there is none better and bigger than COD.

ApocalypseShadow42d ago

Interesting to know. I wonder where the sales breakdown is? Had to have helped Sony break records during the holiday season when they had more consoles to sell on the market.

One of the reasons that Sony wants continued sales and support from this franchise. Helps fund new IPs and sequels of their blockbuster games.

Orchard42d ago

"One of the reasons that Sony wants continued sales and support from this franchise. "

And that they shall have. The 30% they are getting today, they will still be getting post acquisition.

And yes, games like COD, Fortnite etc and their MTX drive a lot of the 3rd party revenue that platform holders like Sony & MS report every quarter.

crazyCoconuts42d ago

Xbox: stealing defeat from the jaws of victory

MIDGETonSTILTS1742d ago (Edited 42d ago )

And it’s not fair that two other studios will experience a boost in sales compared to their previous titles, all because they share the CoD brand name with Infinity Ward…

….but that’s how brand names work. It takes a couple of consistent bad experiences for enough people to turn away and finally kill the franchise.

And IW just manages to lure back enough OG CoD vet devs just often enough to push their games from “good” to “great” like twice a decade; and effectively rejuvenate their overall CoD brand value, just enough.

MW and MW2 were great, but they still haven’t topped CoD4’s campaign, IMO.

But, I guess they still have to release the second half of MW2’s campaign.

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