Forspoken has the best map in gaming

Forspoken has the best overall map in all of gaming

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sammarshall10254d ago

It definitely has some of the best combat and traversal, I stuck to the main quest though and didn't explore too much

andy8552d ago

The combat and traversal are definitely highlights. It's the best open world traversal I've ever played

poppatron52d ago

Really? Even better than Spider-Man? I didn’t even watch any reviews in the end because I’d gone right off it by the time it released

andy8552d ago

I'd say so but Spider-Man is definitely well up there as well. It's just so fluid

itBourne52d ago

Better then Infamous Second Son? I got a platinum and would still hop on there from time to time just to run around lol

Lexreborn253d ago

I wouldn’t say best map, but the map was well designed for her traversal. I think one thing I would’ve preferred is a better surfing design. When fighting monsters on water and you lose the surf to shoot at the enemies it was a little frustrating.

Would’ve been great otherwise but everything else felt smooth and responsive when climbing mountain sides and floating in the air to zip across for a vault or just to get back on ground.

There’s a lot right that Forspoken got that isn’t talked about enough.

mikeboccher52d ago

That's not the map the article and video are referring to

Lexreborn252d ago

I’m aware of what they were talking about, and I still wouldn’t say the best map. I proceeded though to talk about the traversal aspects of the maps design. That’s why I had a comma… to separate the point. And then proceeded to talk about the reasoning I had for the design of the map for traversal being done well.

So, just so you understand. I already said I wouldn’t say the best map. If you would like more details on why I said that I can elaborate.

jambola52d ago

If you wanted people to know that it should be in the thumbnail instead of the world map
People are fully justified in thinking that

Duke1953d ago

“The best map in all of gaming”.

It’s nice when the titles are so outlandish up front that they let you know the article isn’t worth reading without clicking into it

Army_of_Darkness52d ago

I would personally have to give the best map to horizon forbidden west!


I can substantially disagree with that.

GhostScholar53d ago

That’s just not true…..objectively…..

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The story is too old to be commented.