The Most Overlooked Game of 2023 Deserves a Second Chance

In a year of critically-acclaimed titles Forspoken has faded into the background, but it fills a niche that has vanished in gaming, and deserves a second look.

jambola89d ago

it wasn't overlooked at all
people just quickly looked away

isarai88d ago

Exactly, tons of people were lookiing hard at this game, myself included. But the final product was not it. The level design, mission design and especially writing was just painful to experience. I still want to try it as I enjoyed the gameplay in the demo, but not over like $15

Crows9087d ago

Hmm...I never bothered to look. One trailer was enough to know it wasn't for me.

GamingSinceForever87d ago

You literally proved what a lot of people are saying about talking out of your arse. 😂

The final product is painful to experience, yet you’ve only played the demo which you enjoyed.

isarai87d ago


This may be hard to believe but there's these little known websites called YouTube and Twitch where you can watch complete playthroughs of videogames. You should check it out sometime.

GamingSinceForever87d ago

I’m fully aware of YouTube and Twitch, etc.

But that is not how you came to your hyperbolic conclusion only to turn around and contradict your statement in the end.

isarai87d ago


Yes it is, who TF are you to tell me how I came to my conclusion, you live with me? 😂

Michiel198987d ago

@isarai watching a playthrough of a game that's this action focused really doesn't give me a good idea of how a game plays and to base an article on watching a playthrough is a bit sketch. If you really thought it deserves a chance, you would have bought it at launch or by now.

isarai87d ago


No but the DEMO I just said I played sure does 😂, and the gameplay is the one thing I actually said I liked, but it's not good enough to save it from all the other bad aspects of it. I never said it didn't deserve a chance, I was replying to the fact that it's being labeled as "overlooked" and it wasn't. It had an amazing reveal trailer, and was really hyped. Overlooked suggests the game is better than people think, the opposite is correct here where everyone thought it would be amazing and it really isn't. Not to mention I'm literally admitting to giving it a chance, just not a $70 chance, based on everything I've played and seen, $15 is the most I'm willing to pay on it.

ravens5287d ago

Lmao at everyone who played through it on YouTube... Weird. So fixated on Fuck, fuck ,fuck from the trailer lol. A bunch of sheep and haters. Wouldn't put it past some of u that because it's a girl protagonist you trash it. Sure there's some of you who don't like that she's black as well (I've seen comments ). I bought it I beat it 🤷🏾. Fun game, whoever decides to try it, enjoy!

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abstractel87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I think I got about two thirds of the way into the game, maybe a little bit more. Only reason I was playing it was there was no other game released at the time I was interested in so I gave it a go. The start is so bad, story-telling and gameplay-wise. Everyone knows the dialogue is horrible, I think it's mostly the writing and repetition rather than the execution. It did become a bit more fun about one third way into the game but I wouldn't recommend it even after the updates and in hindsight feels like I wasted my time playing it.

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oIMyersIo87d ago

It wasn't overlooked.
It got well deserved criticism and this year has been filled with higher quality games from Alan Wake to SpiderMan and Baldur's Gate.

I played it and enjoyed it for the price I paid on sale but it was firmly average.