Red Faction Needs To Make A Comeback

TheGamer Writes "No more nerdy or serious games set on the Red Planet, send me back to that destructive sandbox."

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isarai50d ago

It would be a perfect time with the huge leap in cpu power these consoles have over previous generations

porkChop49d ago

Yes please. Guerilla was a great game. The destruction in that game is still better than most. Maybe Volition can go back to it and let Saints Row rest for a while.

Vengeance113849d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Yes! More players young and old need to play and respect the franchise that literally invented destructible environments!

BlaqMagiq149d ago

Would love a REAL Red Faction 4 (the one Volition REALLY wanted to make and not Armageddon) or a Red Faction 1 remake.