James Gunn’s DC Studios plan isn’t good for future DCU games

Marvel director alum James Gunn is eager to crossover the DCU with gaming, but his ideas don't bode well for exploring stories outside of the DC Studios canon.

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-Foxtrot50d ago

It’s awful, the best part about the games is that they are their own universes where the developers can be more comic accurate

Being limited by a film world just ruins any creativity and you will have to be in line with the current story

phoenixwing49d ago

Agreed. Once in a blue moon the games following the movies are actually worth playing as opposed to games with freedom which usually are given more leeway to do what works for video games. Sony knows this which is why spider man was the way it was video games wise. Wb is in for a few financial disasters before they realize this.

Becuzisaid49d ago

They're still allowing non-canon content though, just making it under the Else World banner. Like The Batman and Joker movies are non-DCU movies. I don't see why they wouldn't also allow this for games. Maybe I'm wrong, only time will tell.

just_looken48d ago

even worse when you remember bruce timm was looked over and is no doubt the janitor with james gunn in charge.

slashfilm 2 days ago did a interview with bruce timm after his universe ended he helped on some animated films but was never once called upon in the live film movies.

But hey time warner is cutting back billions so why not higher someone that has a few hit movies over 20yrs instead of one that made shows/universe we adore to this day. Just give bruce a broom right dc its not like he would help make good new games and or shows.

masterfox50d ago

the whole superheroe film / games genre is an almost complete mess right now imo, everything died with Stark snapping his fingers in endgame, maybe The guardians of the galaxy game is the only exception for a recent good superheroe game.

isarai50d ago

Sounds like back to square one for any DC related video games. Back to the days of horrid voice acting from the original cast because they had to record on such a tight schedule, and just terribly mediocre games churned out in time for a film release. Good luck with that.

Gh0stman8949d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This sounds like disaster waiting to happen. Does he realize how much longer games take to develop than movies? He expects narrative of a game to line up with the movies 5 years down the line. Anything can change in 5 years and game delays happen. What if the live action story runs past the game story? Will he rush it out?

rippermcrip49d ago

This is all based on the author believing that the Elseworlds doesn't apply to games. Gunn never said it did or didn't. So let's stop jumping to conclusions.

I doubt very much they will make all games stick to his version of things.

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