Additional Story Content Could Have Saved Halo Infinite

Reported changes at 343 Industries may result in the end of story content for Halo Infinite, which could have been its final saving grace.

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47d ago
Jin_Sakai47d ago

The only saving grace was to gut 343i and breathe new life into the franchise. We shall see where Halo goes from here.

Godmars29046d ago

With the studio in charge of it gutted?

They were doing bad enough with a full staff that by all counts hated the franchise. Wanted to make it COD. If MS doesn't refill it with people who know what they're doing, like the setting, what do you think the result will be?

DarXyde46d ago

Gut 343i in what way? People losing their jobs?

C'mon, mate. A lot of those people have no power and just do what is asked of them. I don't think that's fair.

My understanding is that much of the work was outsourced anyway.

And again, I've said this before, but maybe FPS isn't their thing, let alone the fact that it is a game set in a universe they didn't create with very high expectations. Microsoft needs to let them do something else and see how they manage.

Godmars29046d ago

Then what was the point of 343 if most of what was done with Halo Infinite was outsourced?

What even was the point in making 343 if their only propose was to make Halo games and continue the franchise?

Jin_Sakai46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

“Gut 343i in what way? People losing their jobs?”

If they can’t do their jobs then yes. It sucks but that’s what they were set out to do and they failed over and over again.

Profchaos46d ago

I didn't hear much about outsourced however they did hire a lot of contractors which indicates two things.

1 they didn't have the right skills in house.

2 contractors are expensive they are typically specialists you call in to help where you can't figure out a problem so 1 contractor working in the short term can cost as much as 3 full time employees do per year.

To be clear I'm not mad at them for hiring contractors I think that's the smart move just they should have also liked at bringing the right skills in house to

DarXyde46d ago


The studio was created with that premise in mind and is the namesake of the studio. But that being said, any studio can make any game, it's about the talent within. Maybe it's just me, but I really hate the idea of these people losing their jobs because the collective studio is getting grief for mismanagement. Maybe you need better leadership. Maybe there needs to be a healthier exchange of ideas. You can change management or you can ask these folks to be reassigned to another studio and restaff 343i, maybe with any Bungie alumni not under retainment per the Sony acquisition interested in joining to get things back in order. If the studio itself is meant to be the Halo studio, then let that be with competent leadership who can bring in everyone's ideas and make it work.


"If they can’t do their jobs then yes. It sucks but that’s what they were set out to do and they failed over and over again."

This is the problem I have with this line of thinking. You're already willing to imply Halo has been bad because they can't do their jobs, but who is 'they'? Is it the actual employees? My understanding is they've been able to handle everything as needed. Is Infinite a glitchy mess? Is it poorly made? Or is this someone at the top, telling everyone else how this is going to go with limited hands on the actual development process getting regular workers into trouble?

This is a systemic issue with Microsoft and their studios. Notice, the best games they've been making are games that were already being made prior to being acquired. I don't think it's the regular worker at all. They have poor, soulless management, and they're catching heat because it's Halo and expectations are high.

Don't agree.

SirBruce46d ago

Most of the work with Halo Infinite was outsourced... Gut 343i? Maybe everybody with some kind of responsability... from low to high (uncle Phil included?).

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neutralgamer199246d ago

Or initially launching the game with quality content could have helped it a lot more. If Activision deal goes through then maybe Ms can have one of the COD studios develop next halo

I believe they over played their hand with Bungie and should have acquired them. That number may seem big 3.6 billion but the breakdown is more like 1.6-1.8 to acquire and rest of the money went towards retaining the talent for next decade or so

And I still believe that if Activision deal is done Ms wouldn't care much about halo. They will have COD and overwatch

The days of gears and halo being a meme for Xbox are done and we will see Ms move away from these franchises and give them the cooking off period they need. Maybe have the next geare and halo ready for launch of next Xbox

1Victor46d ago

A lot of things could had save halo infinite but what can really save it is time, time to cooldown, time to find a better suited team, time to change grime the same old same old pew pew pew at the “bad guy” , perhaps a change of view point can greatly benefit the franchise and refresh it, imagine starting the story with a “bad guy” as the main and having to fight master chief as the big boss loose survive and comeback for the sequel beat him and on the 3rd game return to master chief view and finish the fight winning and “saving the universe “. I can’t play FPS but that’s a good way to refresh it and give a story worth getting behind, they could go the easy route too by just making more OSTD titles or invoke the classic time travel plot 🤦🏿

EvertonFC46d ago

Imo Halo is dead, it was a popular franchise during the 360 era, the small hardcore halo fans left is not enough to breath new life into a new generation of gamer who prefers games like Fortnite, apex legends etc.
The young casual gamer who doesn't come to gaming websites for news or gaming YouTube channels wouldn't even know what halo is? To wrapped up in f2p, GaaS games.

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BandarHub47d ago

No the game did not give any indication that it was going to have DLC.
Matter of fact...343i or Bungie even have not created a campaign DLC ever. Why did we all of a sudden expect campaign DLC for Halo Infinite?
Halo Infinite does not need saving.
The last update was great, they delivered forge and campaign co-op. The forge maps the community are creating simply breathtaking and that's just them getting used to how it works.
The only issue Halo Infinite has right now is in its multiplayer. And I am not talking about how it plays because it is perfect the way it is.

The main issue is the experience system. They need to completely rework exp is earnt in multiplayer. Earning exp through challenges is but fun.
Second is the lack of a roadmap for the multiplayer and the length of time people have to wait for content to drop.
These are the only 2 issues plaguing Halo infinite.

DoctorBongRippa47d ago

I remember articles about it being a 10 year sort of game but that was years ago. Haven’t played the game much but the delivery of this software has been an absolute abomination. It was released an year after the new series consoles launched which is a massive fail. And recently I’m hearing about the layoffs at 343, studio head departure, development issues, etc.

BandarHub46d ago

The 10 year plan is still there for Multiplayer and forge but in no way did they say that Campaign would be getting supported that way.
The game was well-received when it launched. Everyone liked the campaign and the changes it brought in. 343i brought in the traditional forerunner architecture back and it felt like old Halo again.
The Multiplayer was well received as well but it was the exp system and the lack of content that was the issue. Also, a lot of people hated the store and made it a big issue arguing that it put all the good gears behind a paywall.
Also the switch to the unreal engine isn't for Halo Infinite but for Certain Afiinty's Halo Game.

The layoffs at 343i was the entertainment side of things. Kiki Wolfkill was removed from her position as head of the entertainment side which means that the layoff are from that side. I can imagine why they have lay off that side of 343i because they were the ones who greenlit the writing Halo TV shows.
The expanded books for Halo also relied on too much. Not saying they were bad but more having to read to understand the plot points of the next game didn't make sense.

The restructuring of 343i gaming side happened last year after the removal of Bonnie Ross as Head of studio. Pierre Hintze is now the head of 343i and he is the one responsible for turning MCC around.

Profchaos46d ago

Going back to earlier articles it's clear they never defined what the next 10 years was going to actually contain however there was very strong indications that it was going to be story content.

And yes like most games people love it on release and eventually the new game feeling wears thin and you look at it more critically for me personally I didn't like the campaign I never mixed words around it the open world structure dragged it out and if you removed that the game would have been short but fun.

But that's besides the point 343i layer 9ut a 10nyears roadmap and wanted to do away with sequels but since that point we've seen rumours of the next game being in development and a change of engine so 10 year plan seems unrealistic for any component of the game.

BandarHub46d ago

"Halo Infinite will seemingly have a self-contained story, and one that Lee claims won't require knowledge doled out in Halo spin-off novels and comics, a problem with both Halo 4 and Halo 5. "This time players will have the freedom to explore the ring, but we are telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end that we want to carry the player through as you go"
Chris Lee said himself said Halo Infinite has a self-contained mention of DLC

The 10-year plan is still there...
For Campaign, It will still use the slipspace engine and continues the Halo Infinite story through a new game.
For Multiplayer, also use the slipspace engine, the game will be supported for the traditional Halo multiplayer.
Basically, the next Halo game is will be like Halo infinite with adjustments to the graphics as it switches the Xbox series X.

A lot of people are getting confused about the engine change...that has more to do with Certain Affinity's Halo game that is using Unreal engine for 'project Tanaka'. There engine change is because Certain Affinity do not have the expertise to use the Slipspace engine. And that rumour has been around since last year.

4Sh0w46d ago

Agreed, Halo doesn't need saving. The game itself was very good, reviews & the Halo community demonstrate that. Halo Infinite campaign was really cool, the grappling hook added a nice traversal mechanic which was fun. The multiplayer as far as gameplay goes is one the best BUT THE BIG PROBLEM was all the other microtransactions & implementation of earning XP & getting all the extra armor & equipment. Updates & broken promises regarding feedback was seriously lacking like Ive never seen in the past..its very, very competitive in the fps MP space so when issues arent addressed quickly people have alot of options to move on I think thats what hurt the game early on but no it doesn't need saving. The Forge, Co Op, new maps, dropping has been great for Halo fans who still play. Halo is a big name from a company with deep pockets, they will restructure & come back with something great, so yeah far from dead which I can remember a certain crowd has been saying since Halo3.

BandarHub46d ago

For Campaign, It will still use the slipspace engine and continues the Halo Infinite story through a new game.
See how God of war Ragnorok used the same of everything that God of war 2018 has (Artstyle, gameplay mechanic, world design)....basically, that's what it means. The continuation of Halo Infinite story will use the same what Halo Infinite used with obvious changes to the graphics but not drastic that it looks like a different game.
The new Halo game isn't Halo Infinite 2, it is still Halo Infinite but with a different name maybe Halo Infinite: The Endless. Its not going to be DLC instead full-on games will be released for the next 10 years.

Noskypeno46d ago

There were rumors of more biomes coming in through dlc, like a desert one was coming next.

Stanjara46d ago

The whole point of getting experience in live service games is to spend it on something, usually on new content, and they have had no meaningful new content... so guess what?

They butchered they experience system to buy more time, and they lost player count.

Tv show didn't help.

Nostalgia train left the station and now... idk... they have to start with single player content again.

HansyJ45d ago

You should be banned for your abhorrent take lol it took them literally over a year to add co-op to a game that should’ve had it at the very start. Just stop talking.

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Godmars29046d ago

Additional, actual, production time along with story development could have saved it.

ZeekQuattro46d ago

Halo used to me huge. How Microsoft hobbled a former sales juggernaut is scary. It should of been a easy win.

TheColbertinator46d ago

That's why Call of Duty is their next project. Instead of having the runners up, Microsoft want the biggest FPS franchise on the market.

Godmars29046d ago

And what example does ruining the second says what might happen to first once they've bought it?

And by second I mean while Halo helped to build the Xbox brand, COD was right along with it if not before. The excusive content bought along with GTA DLC.

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