Dead Space Remake's Success Emphasizes The Callisto Protocol's Failure

Twinfinite: “No expectations still lead to some form of disappointment.”

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Concertoine56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Callisto released in a hot retail month, while Dead Space released in the slowest month of the year.

I can see Callisto having snagged some sales simply for being the first to market. Horror games have long legs though, and Dead Spaces will be longer than Callisto’s due to its critical reception.

YodaCracker56d ago

This article is not about sales.

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-Foxtrot56d ago

The Callisto Protocol was alright but it had a ton of issues I hope they fix in a potential sequel.


1) It was short as hell, it felt like there was supposed to be more to the story, more lore and more loose threads to be tied up yet it was over so quickly compared to other games. For example there's a bit when you enter an area and it's got a lot of guards strung up and they talk about how it was a prison gang...they are never seen or heard from.

2) Jacob wasn't as fleshed out as he could have been, you find out being money orientated and not bothering with other peoples business, was the reason why there was all these outbreaks, he was transporting them and I felt if they expanded on that more he could have been more interesting. I liked him and the voice actor he just needed more work.

3) The lore wasn't really as interesting as Dead Space, a virus from harvesting larva from an Alien parasite because the Warden wanted to...what...evolve humanity? It wasn't as gripping as the Necromorphs, the Marker, the Church of Unitology and the Marks effects.

4) i felt the walking and the like wasn't as fluid as the Dean Space remake or even the Resident Evil 2 remake. Jacob felt slow and clunky even when running.

5) Lack of good and interesting weapons, it's basically the same gun but with attachments that turn it into something else. You only needed some and if you upgraded your melee stun stick you were fine

6) The stun stick was really overpowered in places once upgraded and I didn't like the focus on melee.

7) The dodge mechanic...was it really needed?

8) Boss fights sucked. You faced the same Two Head boss which you just had to keep dodging and the same applied to the Captain Ferris fight

Pickledpepper56d ago

You hit the nail right square on the head.
I just found the game very tedious and repetitive and became a chore to finish.
My main issues was the dodge mechanics and not being able to skip the cut scenes you were forced to watch over and over.
The story was shallow, I don't care what anyone's says, this did try and be dead space but it was not even remotely close.

wiz719153d ago

@Foxtrot Dead Space has multiple games to fully flesh the lore out , the original also didn’t have much lore at first. The Remake literally added the lore from the others games to further flesh then out this time around. CP ended like there’s going to be a sequel.

jsawmma8156d ago

In my opinion the reason why callisto sold more is because people had been waiting forever for a dead space like game to come out. So when it did those waiting all rushed out to get it.