CrossfireX's Shutdown Brings Another Disastrous Live Service to a Disappointing End

It's been a tough week to be a live-service game. CrossfireX might just have it worse than any other recent shutdown.

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XiNatsuDragnel115d ago

This shows why always online, digital only don't and will not work.

darthv72115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

No... it doesn't. Other online focused titles seem to still be thriving like fortnite, sea of thieves, apex legends... WoW. The main issue with this game was it just wasnt good. There can be good online focused games but they have to be something people will want to play and tell their friends about.

THIS... was not one of them.

XiNatsuDragnel115d ago

Understandable but this future everything Is always online should stop.

Vits114d ago

Not only it wasn't good. But it was a sequel to a mid-2000s PC shooter, that was somewhat popular in Asia and South America, but somehow got stuck on a console. So the public that could care about it, just wasn't there.

I guess Smilegate (the publisher) was betting on the Remedy Entertainment single-player for this release strategy to make any sense, but unfortunately, Remedy dropped the ball really hard on that front as well. So the final result was a mediocre multiplayer shooter without a fanbase, paired with a mediocre singleplayer that failed to bring in players.

just_looken115d ago

I agree to bad denuvo gets a free pass on its always online requirement.

Harry potter game is overhyped needs 24/7 internet do too drm but no one cares.

Redfall needs internet all the time? riot burn everything spam everyone.

XiNatsuDragnel115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Harry Potter needs an offline mode ong I agree also denuvo nah I agree needs to gogo.

outsider1624114d ago

Wait what ? Harry potter game needs online as well? I didn't know that.

just_looken114d ago


yes it does and if you have a 12/13th intel cpu it will crash fail to run or be horraible fps. I own 12th gen cpu ecores fight denuvo all the time.


I agree its single player those with steam decks and or wifi setups are going to get booted alot.

Lightning77115d ago

The industry needs to wake up and start making real games again. Start making full engaging single player games. The gaas models is starting die because they're all either, competing for your tome or too, too much alike, or simply not compelling enough. The market is flooded with these games. Cross Fire is next up at the chopping block.

I can't say I'm too upset. Again, the industry needs to make real games again and stop chasing trends.

darthv72115d ago

chasing trends is what they all do though and they wont stop. It happens in music and movies and tv... if one company catches lightning in a bottle, every other company will try the same thing but put their own spin on it to try and get more. Look at PUBG and Fortnite. Fortnite wasnt anything like it is now until PUBG made them rethink their approach to the game. And then it blew up in popularity.

Sadly things like this NEED to happen to get companies to think outside the box instead of just making another box the same as the rest.

Knushwood Butt115d ago

'Remedy had been working on the single-player portion since 2016.'.

More development hell.

Outside_ofthe_Box115d ago

But I was told that live service games are more of a guaranteed money maker than one and done single player games

darthv72115d ago games, that feel different each time you play, will keep em coming back for more.

This one... not so much.

gangsta_red115d ago

So you were told that all live service games are more of a gauranteed success than one and done single player games...who said that?

Outside_ofthe_Box115d ago

Where did I say "all"? And I'm sure you've said something similar in the past, but my point is that in the end, what matters the most is if your game is good. Sure live services games has huge earning potential, but chasing after that revenue stream for sake of money won't work if you don't have good core game to begin with.

gangsta_red115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

You said it, you just made a general statement encompassing all live service games.

And yes, I have said that, but I was also specific as you were in your reply that the game has to at least be good.

But we can apply that to any game, single or multiplayer.

GoodGuy09115d ago


But seriously though, just make complete games and stop chasing fortnites success.

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