The Worst Video Games Of 2022

from A list of the worst and most disappointing video games that came out this year.

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rpad94d ago

damn. i thought Dolemen would be a Dolemite game.

Christopher94d ago

He couldn't think of one more bad game to put instead of NFS Unbound? He even says it's not bad. Must take a lot of energy to come up with lists.

Knushwood Butt94d ago

I haven't played it but I saw another site award it as best driving game of 2022, so polarizing?

As for my list, I don't recall playing a single bad game in 2022.

Christopher93d ago

I would put Saints Row below NFS Unbound and I didn't dislike Saints Row. But, that's just me.

metabolicfrolic93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

They have Redout 2 on here because it was too hard. Git gud. That game is so fun!

KillBill92d ago

Redout 2
Puzzle Adventure: Ghost Town
Nerf: Superblast
Gungrave G.O.R.E.
Need For Speed Unbound

Dishonorable Mentions:
Dying Light 2: Stay Human

And yet not a single mention of Babylon's Fall...? *cringe*