Pokémon Violet | LifeIsXbox Review

LifeIsXbox says: "Pokémon Violet is the most fun I've had with a Pokémon title in many years, but you have to allow yourself to look past its many flaws. Flaws that don't get in the way of the enjoyment, but that are understandably scrutinized by fans of the series."

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bloodyspasm435d ago

Very interested in hearing everyone's final team, here is mine:
- Clawitzer
- Pawmot
- Kingambit
- Meowscara
- Rabsca
- Ceruledge


Pokemon and Japanese Toyota Workers Collaborate to Build Crazy Real-World Miraidon

A gorgeous real-world Miraidon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been created in Japan by the Toyota Engineering Society.

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Competitive Pokemon guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A competitive Pokemon guide detailing EVs, IVs, held items, natures, and more for Scarlet & Violet. Learn how to prepare for battle.

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Brazz40d ago

Competitive Pokemon guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet > Just go to Smogon.com, read forum comments from more experienced players, makes lots of testing, participate in community talk on forum... In time you will likely become competitive.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update out now (version 3.0.1), patch notes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have gone live with a new version 3.0.1 update, and the patch notes can be read now.

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