Game Of The Year: 2023’s 10 Best Games

Video Gamer writes: "In a year packed with stellar video games, our Games of The Year 2023 list celebrates the best delights among them all."

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repsahj145d ago

For me, this list is spot-on.

Crows90144d ago

For me the same except for the diablo 4 mention. That game disappointed many. I'd replace it with lies of P


Diablo 4 Season 4 Turned The Tables on Helltides

Diablo 4's Helltides have undergone one of the best glow-ups in the game in the span of a single season thanks to some balance adjustments.

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Diablo 4: The Argument For and Against Returning to the High Heavens

The High Heavens is an important location to the Diablo franchise, but whether Diablo 4 should return to the location in the future is controversial.

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Tapani5d ago

Is Diablo IV worth it for the Single-Player experience today? I understand it has got many patches and improvements.

Daeloki5d ago

I honestly don't know what they could have changed/patched to make the game enjoyable since last summer. I played the campaign a bit past act 1 with a friend and it just becomes incredibly boring and repetitive. I uninstalled shortly after and haven't looked back. However, with me it may just be a case of that it's not my kind of game. I just didn't enjoy the endless cycle of going into a dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle, teleport back to dungeon, collect loot, teleport to town, sell/dismantle... rinse and repeat. That cycle was about 80% of the game back then, completely drowning out the story for me. If there is a demo, or you have a chance to test a friends copy then I'd recommend that before spending any money on it.

Kosic5d ago

I loved D3 and would play a season for weeks.
D4 came out I reached level 60 ish and grew bored, I tried again in S1 and got to the same level and quit. I heard about the loot revamp, and briefly tried season 3 before jumping into the new season.
The game is better because it's easier to feel this progression smoothly increase, without hitting such a large road block, but I am level 61 and in Torment 4, and again I just don't feel the urge to continue.

I found a lack of direction of what to do, the thing that puts me off is the bland world, hell-tides are rather boring. Kill a non stop spawn of demons and summon a boss...

If you can get it for cheap, give it a try, or do a Gamepass trial and play it there.


No Steam And Physical Release, Alan Wake 2 Not Profiting Was Inevitable

Choosing Epic over Steam and antagonizing the entire physical media fanbase, it's no wonder the masterpiece Alan Wake 2 didn't make a profit.

thorstein9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I asked for this game as a gift. My wife couldn't find it at Gamestop, Amazon, or anywhere else.

I didn't realize it was digital only, I just figured it sold out because of the reviews and how good it looks.

Most consumers don't read gaming news daily, how would they know it's digital only?

Plus, outside of seeing it on Jackfrags YouTube channel, I hadn't seen much in the way of marketing.

Dirtnapstor9d ago

It's a really good game. I platted this one on the PS5. Well worth your time exploring this universe.

Jingsing9d ago

Unfortunately Remedy has become a bit of a nasty studio over this past decade, You just need to look at their business decisions and other projects they attempted. They are not pro consumer at all.

Petebloodyonion9d ago

You know that it's Epic Games that funded and published the game right?

CrimsonWing699d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yea, people are kind of dumb. I mean, no offense to @Jingsing up there, I know that’s blunt but it reminds me of Bayonetta 2 when that got announced and it was a Nintendo exclusive. It’s exclusive because f*cking Nintendo funded the development. But people were all like f*ck Sega for sh*tting on their fans when in actuality the game never would’ve gotten made if Nintendo didn’t straight up pay for the development.

Alan Wake 1 was not a massive seller. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong, but it underperformed and that’s why a proper sequel never got made until now where Epic literally paid for the game to be developed… but you got people saying, Remedy isn’t pro consumer because this game is Epic exclusive 🤦‍♂️

anast9d ago

They did this to save money, but it didn't work.

Skuletor9d ago

Will be interesting to see if they try the same thing for the Max Payne remake(s). You'd think they won't but people continue to surprise me.

anast9d ago

I think they could do some kind of special edition physical release. This way the crowd that has been with this game since the beginning would have the option to buy a physical disk. They would sell more too.

Charlieboy3339d ago

@anast No, it needs a normal physical release.....not some bullshit 'special edition' physical release. This way we will be able to easily get a physical copy for if we want, instead of having to mission to own some kind of limited version. That's not actually gonna boost physical sales now is it?

Chocoburger9d ago

I wonder if they've learned their lesson? Who am I kidding, of course no gaming company does at this point. Keep making those mistakes.