Resistance Retribution pre-order demo

Talk writes:"If you pre-order Resistance Retribution through Amazon US before January 12th, you will receive a unique code which allows you to download and play an early access demo."

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meepmoopmeep4201d ago

i think i'll pre-order this for the demo.

Blaze9294201d ago

so when do the codes get sent out?

ps12&3lover4201d ago

do u know wat happen to dat boy going crazy over a wii story???

pp4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Looks better than the ps3 version also the graphics look better. Maybe the ps3 has reached its limit they should concentrate on psp its got more to give.

topgeareasy4201d ago

mario kart on snes looks better than Forza 1 and 2 combined

MGOelite4201d ago

whats a matter pp? running out of insults, im sure ive heard that one before

at least ALL multiplatform games look better on the ps3 what have come out in the last 6 months

Close_Second4201d ago

Resistance is a great franchise. Let's all hope they get the controls right so we don't have people b*tching (again) about not having a second analog stick.

meepmoopmeep4201d ago

yeah, that's why i want to try the demo.
it's not Insomniac developing it though.

plus it's TPS so it should be fine without a second analog,
i hope.

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