Let's Play GoldenEye 007 on Xbox Series X: Surface Level Gameplay and Tips

GF365: "Join us and let's play the GoldenEye 007 Surface level on Xbox Series X. We provide info on achievements and some tips."

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gamefreaks365471d ago

Took me two recordings to get this right. The guards shot and blew up the terminal in the communications tower in the first playthrough. x_x


The 7 Best Rare Games: A Pioneering Legacy

Rare has had an astonishing journey since being founded in 1985. But of the 125 titles released to date, which are the 7 best Rare games?

darthv7259d ago

I was always a fan of Cobra Triangle.


Goldeneye 007 deserves better than its fate on Xbox Game Pass

As Microsoft takes popular Xbox exclusives to other consoles, James Bond FPS Goldeneye 007 should get similar treatment on PS5.

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Jingsing68d ago

Maybe it is time to just let Goldeneye go. People keep e-begging for this game and it came back in various iterations; remastered and original and in the end it was just meh. The game was a product of its time like Perfect Dark and Timesplitters.

Father__Merrin68d ago

It's from a bygone era that was good at the time but is pants now. Same with turok.

NotoriousWhiz68d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Turok still holds up great.

YourMommySpoils68d ago

Isn't that like considering every other game too.

P_Bomb68d ago

When in doubt, port it out.

jznrpg68d ago

The game was a lot of fun for its time but damn that was a long time ago.

anast68d ago

There are better shooters now and better worlds.

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The Best Selling N64 Games of All Time

Want to know what the best selling N64 games of all time are? Here's the top ten list, with many fan favourites and a couple of surprises.

Ninver390d ago

Never understood what 64 meant. Can anyone enlighten me? All I know is my neighborhood friends and I used to play the crap out of it. Favorite games were Cool Boarders, Mario kart 64, WCW vs NWO just to name a few. Man life was simple and good.