'Goldeneye’s' Controls Have Been Holding It Back From Greatness

The single deal-breaking issue with the original Goldeneye on N64 was the game’s control scheme.

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Number1TailzFan498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

It was ok for the time, the only way you'd get superior controls is by playing on PC with a mouse, the same still stands today though. I think Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were the last games i enjoyed before i didn't really enjoy playing any FPS with a controller due to getting used to my PC controls.

darthv72498d ago

Never cared for the original N64 controller. Im glad this game has more modern control scheme (on XB) as it makes it feel more natural.

Neonridr498d ago

though at the time, you couldn't move around like that on home consoles outside of the N64 controller. The original Playstation controller was a split D pad with 4 face buttons by comparison. It wasn't until a few months after this game came along that the first version of the Dualshock was introduced.

Profchaos497d ago

That's true but it wasn't until Aliens resurrection in 2000 were we got the birth of the modern fps control scheme using duel analogue. The game was a huge flop and heavily criticised for it's control scheme ironically but it did proper modern style duel analogue style shooting before anything else.

Neonridr497d ago

@Profchaos - oh don't get me wrong, trying to free aim with the N64 controller by holding down the shoulder button and then aiming meant that you couldn't move and aim at the same time. Awful when you look back now, but at the time, everything felt pretty revolutionary.

Putnum497d ago

Read: "Greatest and most influential first person shooter of its time was not as good as RICKYDMTL was hoping it would be a quarter of a century later"


roadkillers497d ago

It’s amazing how these old games were setup. I never noticed this when I originally played around 25 years ago… but this is a game where you play each level multiple times to understand the layout, objectives, enemies, etc. I’m on the 6th level after 6 hours trying to complete everything on 00 Agent difficulty.

My buddy came over excited to play and he just bitched about the controls. Yes, the are not tight. It’s something you learn as you go. I aim when someone is far away otherwise shoot from the hip (for the semi-auto aim). It’s different, not easy to pickup, but definitely fun. He and I beat 2 levels taking turns

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darthv7285d ago

I was always a fan of Cobra Triangle.


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Jingsing94d ago

Maybe it is time to just let Goldeneye go. People keep e-begging for this game and it came back in various iterations; remastered and original and in the end it was just meh. The game was a product of its time like Perfect Dark and Timesplitters.

Father__Merrin94d ago

It's from a bygone era that was good at the time but is pants now. Same with turok.

NotoriousWhiz94d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Turok still holds up great.

YourMommySpoils94d ago

Isn't that like considering every other game too.

P_Bomb94d ago

When in doubt, port it out.

jznrpg94d ago

The game was a lot of fun for its time but damn that was a long time ago.

anast94d ago

There are better shooters now and better worlds.

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Ninver416d ago

Never understood what 64 meant. Can anyone enlighten me? All I know is my neighborhood friends and I used to play the crap out of it. Favorite games were Cool Boarders, Mario kart 64, WCW vs NWO just to name a few. Man life was simple and good.