Destiny 2 Succeeds Because The Formula Is Always Changing

TheGamer writes "Destiny 2 fans demand constant change, and somehow, Bungie delivers."

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masterfox50d ago


More like surviving, they make changes here and there and that's it, they have several expansion along the years and still the community is maintaining or getting smaller, and is really not surprising cause almost all DLCs expansions or seasons, they keep putting back same old enemies over and over again, the vex, fallen, hive, cabal, and others, all this enemie types for example are coming all the way from D1, I honestly have no idea what new enemies races they introduce in D2, also another issue is the weapons and armors, they keep recycling them with a few changes here and there, I mean for god sake still the best rocket launcher in the game is the Gjallarhorn? , lol that was the D1 Vanilla weapon and still the best in the game lol, seriously really pathetic, another reason why Destiny is just a mediocre to average game iust that Bungie don't have any more the will or talent to be able to add just another class to the game, almost 10 years and still uses three classes Hunter, Warlock and Titan, now they add this grappling hook just to keep killing the same effing recycle enemies over and over again?, I mean just look at the trailer and tell me Im wrong, the "new" weapons shown look very simplistic and boring.


Yeah I think Bungie is either out of ideas, or saving them for the future.

Considering what Sony paid, I’d bet the latter, but that’s just me having faith in Sony. Aside from Forspoken, I can’t recall a bad bet made by Sony.

Bobertt50d ago

One of the reasons i stopped playing the original Destiny was their constant nerfing. You would waste time getting a new weapon and grinding to do raids with your friends for them to just nerf it on a whim and you would then have to keep repeating that same cycle to be able to do the fun part which was the raid.

HyperMoused50d ago

If they added match making for raids id be still playing to an extent id say, they stood firm on that crap decision and bollocks to that.

jjb198150d ago

As much as that sounds like a good idea, there are too many trolls and crybabies that leave the Raids cut they're garbage at the game. It's hard sometimes to get through a raid with LFG because people start them thinking they're just going to get carried but can't carry their own weight. Then you get people with no mics that don't know what to do and we're asking them to do stupid things like 'shoot in the sky if you understand.' It's easier to hold you friends and clan members accountable.

Name Last Name50d ago

“shoot in the sky if you understand” LOL

Crows9050d ago

Better Raid design that makes its somewhat easier for people doing it for the first time along with quicker jumpin in and out of raids can solve that problem. If the matchmaking allows you to go into a lobby before startin the raid then that would also help to see if the team will work.

HyperMoused50d ago

I hear you but if you didnt want to use it you wouldnt have too and it would help people with jobs and families who dont have much time, or just for people who want to play the game and not go on a forum first. The same thing happened with the first division, it was chaos at first but as you went on it got better and better as people learnt. Then they did what Destiny did even after they said they would have match making for everything with 2.

Gameseeker_Frampt50d ago

Bungie is only making these changes to Destiny 2 in an attempt to sell Lightfall after having such a bad year in 2022 and losing so many players. They have just removed the solo node for Iron Banner because the player pool is so small that matchmaking was taking forever. Season of Plunder was extremely bad from both a story point and from Bungie trying to make it as grindy as possible to pad player time. Game breaking bugs have plagued D2 this last year, with the game being completely broken 3 times just from the second week in December.

It is sad to see Destiny 2 in such a bad state because they have been making some improvements, but it is always "one step forward, two steps back." Most of the developers have been moved to Matter and Destiny 2 is just too big to be handled by a skeleton crew.

P4rrot49d ago

Personally I stopped playing a few years ago after they removed the majority of the story content I had paid for and not yet finished, and told me I had to pay to play new seasonal content instead which made no sense as I had not got to that part of the story.
I've no interest in ever returning to a game that does that type of thing no matter how good it looks.

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