PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller Review

With a $200 price tag, the DualSense Edge controller is not a low-cost investment, but the quality and features make it a fantastic choice for gamers that need the customization not found elsewhere.

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Hopefully they release a black version 🤞

myfathersbastard56d ago

Hopefully they release a version with a decent battery. The dualsense is an awesome controller. But even the battery in the regular one is trash, now the edges is 2/3 the size? That’s unacceptable for a $200-$300 pro controller.

b777conehead54d ago

That’s why you charge it over night so it’s ready. People bitch about the smallest things now.

myfathersbastard53d ago


Sony themselves are estimating 4-5 hours of battery life. New. So after 6 months to a year, that’s gonna be down to 1-2 hours. Do you play for 1-2 hours? I’ve had 4 DualSenses, ALL of them last MAX 4 hours after around 6 months. They use a cheap and small battery already. That’s bad. So no, charging it overnight won’t help when my fancy new $300 controller doesn’t last a whole gaming session.
For comparison, I average 20-30 hours of straight gameplay with my series X controllers after buying 2 cheap rechargeable plug and play kit from amazing for $30. You’re telling me Sony cheating out on batteries is okay?

SurgicalMenace56d ago

I absolutely love this thing. It's crazy that everyone is crying about battery life when it's rechargeable. I'd understand all the complaints more if the battery wasn't rechargeable. What is everyone doing to need so much battery life? Did you even buy it to see for yourself?

KeeseToast56d ago

"Did you even buy it to see for yourself?"
Don't need to see it for myself when I already don't like the regular dualsenses battery time.
"What is everyone doing to need so much battery life?"
Playing games

SurgicalMenace56d ago

I mean, I definitely play games as well, but why is 5-8 hours not enough time for your controller to be placed on a charger? I'm not understanding where the inconvenience is. To each their own, it doesn't take away from those who purchased it what those who didn't think.

myfathersbastard53d ago

I’m from canada yeah so it’s $269.99 here. $300 after tax.
My problem isn’t with charging time, you skipped over the play time and battery degradation. The regular DualSense after about a year, last 3-4 hours on average. One of my launch controllers is dead and the other lasts 2 hours of play. So this battery with more features, and a battery 2/3 the size, I’d estimate after a year will last 1-2 hours. That’s NOT gonna last 1 play session without needing a charge and having to swap controllers. That’s not okay for a “premium” “pro” style controller with a premium price tag. I had one pre ordered assuming they heard the complaints and upgrade to a better quality battery. Canceled that as soon as I heard the battery is worse.

myfathersbastard53d ago

Also I’ve had the official PS charge dock and swap them over, again not a huge issue. But having worse battery life on a premium controlled is just poor design. They could have easily put in a better quality battery with the same capacity that doesn’t degrade as badly.

myfathersbastard53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I’ve had 4 DualSenses, I have 3 currently. 1 right now is fine lasting around 5-6 hours of gameplay. the other 3, 2 launch and one about a year after, last around 2-4 hours of gameplay. So I’m constantly switching controllers to/from the dock. Shity but not a huge issue, but this is a $300 controller. And Sony are listing it at 4-5 hours of life. So after a year this controller is most likely going to be lasting an hour to 2 hours max. So now I can’t even have a full play session with my fancy new controller? So I have to buy 2 at $600 just so I can keep swapping back and forth?
Yes I know it has a 10ft cable which is good, but for THAT much, it should be the best of the best at least in functionality. Sony cheaping out on the battery is a bad look when my two Series X controllers use a $30 charge and play kit and last between 20-30 hours of straight gameplay. I have 2 I just swap a back and forth on. I’ve never needed to buy another controller or another battery kit. They just work. Is that so much to ask from a $250-$300 controller?

SurgicalMenace53d ago

Am I to assume that you're from another country? The controller is only $200. Concerning the XB controller, I'd expect 30 hours from a controller that adds absolutely nothing different from the previous generation. 5-6 hours is plenty of time to get it to a charger. I'll never understand why one would need 30-40 hours for a controller that's placed on the charger every night. It just seems like people don't have enough discipline to charge their controllers responsibly.