AI Replacing Game Devs? 5 AI Generated Game Concepts

Amanda writes: "Can machines truly replicate the intricate complexities of the human mind and its innate ability for creativity? The outcome of our experiment offers a glimpse into the potential of AI and provides a thought-provoking perspective on this rapidly evolving technology."

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Bobertt51d ago

It would be ironic if game devs who can't make good enemy AI get replaced by an AI.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Lmao, I mean with some of the stinkers coming out lately I’d be interested in seeing if AI could do better.

Lionsguard50d ago

The age of AI is definitely upon us. Once the smoke clears, many jobs will be replaced by AI. Humans will of course have a place to clean up any rough edges but AI should help make games least in theory before applying human greed.

blackblades50d ago

Off topic I'm down with the AI in sports, those ref officials are trash at there jobs. Miss calls, bull shyt calls etc the AI would be able to see it all and accurately handle it.

CantThinkOfAUsername50d ago

It's speculated as one of the reasons tech companies are laying off so many people including those who worked in the companies for 10-20 years. Microsoft is investing $10 billion in OpenAI (ChatGPT creators), and Google is making its own AI to rival it.

jznrpg50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I don’t think AI is anywhere near making games . Newspapers were using AI to write articles and they would have a lot of errors and plagiarism . Some parts of games can be made I’m sure with human oversite and maybe someday with lesser oversite but we aren’t there yet .

EternalTitan50d ago

You can already use AI to generate environments, character faces etc.