PS5's So-Called Scariest Game MADiSON Is Haunting PSVR2

MADiSON, the Bloodious Games fright-fest already available on PS5, is getting ported to PSVR2. Announced during publisher Perp Games’ showcase earlier today, there’s no official release date attached to the virtual reality version, but the developer promises it will significantly up the ante compared to the original pancake option.

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Neonridr123d ago

horror + VR are a match made in heaven :)

Profchaos123d ago

More like hell...but in a good way

Neonridr123d ago

lol, I appreciate the correction there. XD

ApocalypseShadow123d ago

Just more and more games. Keep telling some that this isn't PSVR era. Sony has the power, the controllers and the features that are going to keep bringing games to the platform.

Hasn't even released and there so many coming. With more surprised coming.

Obscure_Observer123d ago

"Just more and more games. Keep telling some that this isn't PSVR era."

PSVR era? Numbers tells another story.

"After diving in 2022, worldwide shipments of augmented and virtual reality headsets are expected to grow 32% to 12.8 million units this year, according to IDC estimates. The market is currently dominated by Meta Platforms Inc.’s Quest range, with nearly an 85% share. Sony does not rank among the top five providers and its first-generation PSVR has failed to secure even a 1% share."

Not even 1%

ocelot07123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I know you like to downplay Sony a lot.

I don't know about the rest of the world. But here in the UK since later 2021. Being able to buy a brand new PSVR from Amazon, Game, Shopto has not been possible. In fact Shopto or game has not even had a listing for PSVR for a year now.

So by the looks of it they have discontinued it and did so a long time ago. So it makes sense they didn't sell many last year.

Obscure_Observer123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


"I know you like to downplay Sony a lot."

It´s not about "downplay Sony", mate. VR is a very niche market and I think Sony made some strategic mistakes regarding PSVR along the way.

1 - It´s very expensive.
2 - Lack of strong and consistent VR support from Sony first party studios.
3 - No PC compatibility.

It is what it is.

No sure how anyone could expect a different outcome.

Neonridr123d ago

the saving grace this time around is that there should be a lot more support from the PC side of VR as well considering the headset is capable and very similar to something like the Quest (in execution). These extra games are something the original PSVR was sorely lacking.

I'm not saying it's destined to sell 20 million headsets or anything like that, but it definitely has a better chance this time around.

MADGameR123d ago

I'm only looking to pickup a PSVR2 for AAA horror games. I'm looking for great experiences.

PureBlood123d ago

Blue Knees in this was terrifying!

oIMyersIo123d ago

One of my favourite games of last year.

Excellent horror with some relatively tough puzzles and scares. The game is leaps and bounds ahead of other smaller titles released last year like Oxide Room 104 & St Dinfna Hotel.

Highly recommend. It would be an absolute treat in VR.

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