Here are some brand new beautiful 4K screenshots for Forza Motorsport

A few days ago, Microsoft released some brand new 4K screenshots for the next Forza game, Forza Motorsport.

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rlow1473d ago

Looks good. It would be fantastic if they offered a track editor. Is there any racing game that allows you to build your own tracks to race on? Just wondering.

Goosejuice473d ago

I think Gran Turismo 5 let you build tracks. Idk why they took that away in future games.

Amplitude473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Hot Wheels Unleashed (honestly amazing), Trackmania, Dirt 5, uhhh .. GTA5 I guess. Also LittleBigPlanet Karting and Modnation Racers rip

EvertonFC473d ago

They should bring back MDR now we have SSD it was belter of a game just plagued by awful loading times.

babadivad472d ago

I remember when NFL 2K let you create your own plays. Why is this no longer a thing?

frostypants472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Because EA paid to monopolize NFL games and stopped trying to make their games not suck.

Flawlessmic473d ago

Release date please!!!

Before July as promised or I'm looking for phil and pelting him with eggs lol

So pumped for this, so many good games coming out on all 3 platforms this yr, I have no idea where I'm gonna find the time to play everything.

Flawlessmic473d ago

Cool, you feel better now?

Probs another person who doesn't play sim racers so won't even play forza but loves to play console wars.

Om4ever473d ago

Better looking for sure but nothing else so far

RaiderNation473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

To be expected. It's next gen only and has taken longer to come out. It SHOULD look better. GT7 is a cross gen game and has been out almost a year already.

RGB472d ago

We've already seen that isn't the case.

That Xbox Dev Direct really showed what they have done to achieve in-game RT, and it's 360 era car models, check the BMW and Mercedes in the trailer vs Forza 4's version of those cars, no difference in quality, and the tracks from distance look worse than GT4 on PS2, that's not even a joke, plus people used to laugh at GT having cardboard trees, yep Forza for Xbox Series now has those too, all to get RT in-game, I mean GT7 could've had RT at 120fps with these drastic cutbacks.

dumahim472d ago

There's a 911 in that video that has no glass. Digital Foundry had pointed that out in this week's video.

MegaLogic472d ago

Lmao, the hurt is deep with this lot

IRetrouk473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Really looking forward to this, cant wait to see console gameplay(thats what I play on) and maybe a bit more of the single/multiplayer stuff to kinda see what direction they have gone with it, expecting great things, they've had almost 6 years at it.


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BurritoWarrior98d ago

Beyond repair at this point the people have made up their minds on this game already. You had one chance and ya blew it

execution1798d ago

Should've took what they did with 4s progression and improved on it


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