Naughty Dog Is Right To Leave Uncharted Behind

Naughty Dog is changing. It’s about time, but part of fans will miss what the studio has become over the past fifteen years as a pioneer of cinematic blockbusters lined with prestige storytelling that the entire medium now tries to emulate. It changed everything. But now, it is both leaving Uncharted behind and has no plans for The Last of Us Part 3 unless the narrative it aims to deliver is absolutely necessary.

This is the right move, and the selfless one from a studio that could have milked both these properties until there was nothing left.

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jznrpg48d ago

Yep . Another studio can make it if needed . If Sony wants to do it or not who knows ?

Cikatriz_ESP48d ago

Uncharted 4 is by far the worst in the series, but I fear Naughty Dog is incapable of redeeming the franchise with another entry. Amy Hennig is gone and Neil Druckmann has more than proven he's not a storyteller.

Kassanova0748d ago

A classic series for the ages.

Iceman100x48d ago

"Naughty Dog Is Right To Leave Uncharted Behind"

yeah its about time they got rid of that generic tomb raider rip off.