New Games with Gold for February 2023

Make it your gooooaaaallll to have fun with two great February Games with Gold! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, answer the call to adventure in For the King and then play soccer in a completely unexpected way in Guts N Goals.

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darthv72119d ago

These arent even barrel bottom scrapings. They never made it in the barrel.

UncertainCategory119d ago

I don't know why they bother anymore with these, but 'For the King' is an alright game.

RedDevils118d ago

Epic gave me way better games than this crap, and it free.

FallenAngel1984119d ago

Good lord Microsoft you can do better than that

CobraKai119d ago

True. But they won’t. It’s like they figured if someone has only gold and not game pass, they deserve these games.

Lightning77119d ago

They're low balling Gold users in attempt to get them to go to GP. Which isn't right because not everyone wants gamepass.

I know it's a shocker.

Crows90119d ago

No they can't. If they could then they would've.

Lightning77119d ago

The way Gamepass is being supported? They definitely can't and won't do any better.

ken2813119d ago

Why do they even announce this? At this rate next month would be solitaire and minesweeper

DeusFever119d ago

That would be funny except people would play Solitaire and Minesweeper.

crazyCoconuts119d ago

They don't want to sound like bad guys that are taking away features from your subscription, but also don't want to give online away for free because they've already built that revenue into expectations.GamePass has probably cannibalized all the money that used to be used for securing good games so Xbox users are stuck paying for crap

Crows90119d ago

Only true if they ever really had consistently good gwg offerings...but that wasn't the case.

Crows90119d ago

They announce this because they know that their base are like sheep. Dumb and won't complain.

Ra3030118d ago

I keep hoping for the Win92 game Jezzball but I'm hoping it makes it to Game Pass. I'd definitely renew my subscription for that.

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