Gotham Knights 2: Could The Sequel Be Even Better?

WB Games Montréal's Gotham Knights has been out for three months now, but what are the chances of Gotham Knights 2 taking players back to Gotham City?

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gangsta_red61d ago

How about Superman, Titans, Lobo, Blue Beetle anything else other than Batman and the Bat family

XbladeTeddy61d ago

Because who the f#@k is Lobo and Blue Beetle

gangsta_red61d ago

Obviously you're not a man of fine literature

Vengeance113861d ago

Lobo is the main man! ya bastich

Knightofelemia60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Lobo is a bounty hunter and pretty bad ass he wiped out his own planet and is banned from entering both Heaven and Hell. And depending on which Blue Beetle latest one is a kid in an alien suit that is sentient. And I doubt Superman will get a game because he is very hard to make a game about.

Duke1961d ago

This series is DOA. WB Games should move on

rpvenom61d ago

I purchased this game at 50% off cause I was so bored.. wanted to really give it a chance cause I was a fan of the arkham series.. and with all the reviews stating not to compare the two.. I went in with an open mind.. played 1-2 hours and never touched it again.. it was really bad... just my personal opinion on it anyways

Duke1961d ago

Watching reviews of some of the in game menus and systems - It honestly looked like it was designed to be a cheap mobile game that at some point they decided to release on console

abstractel61d ago

How about a title change, "Could the sequel actually be good?"

Gotham Knights was a massive step backward from the Arkham series (IMO as always).

-Foxtrot61d ago


Get back to single player driven superhero games

SoulWarrior61d ago

Can we get a new arkham game? instead of this live service rubbish, and the upcoming suicide squad live service rubbish.

jeromeface60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

sorry you've been living under a rock, but most games are games as a service anymore... so your answer is no. And you basing your perspective off leaked screens that were never confirmed shows you don't know what photoshop is

SoulWarrior60d ago

@jerome we'll see, I'd like to be proven but some other sources corroborated those leaked screens despite what an ex-dev said.

Extermin8or3_60d ago

Even if real that doesn't make it a live service game in the way that Gotham knights

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The story is too old to be commented.