Gotham Knights Has Been Rated For Nintendo Switch In Singapore

WB and QLOC's live-service superhero outing, Gotham Knights, has been rated in Singapore for the Nintendo Switch.

BrainSyphoned276d ago

It aged fine. The PS4 and X1 versions were canceled. After the game flopped they could easily have started work on porting it to the largest platform still available to them. With the Switch 2 on the horizon it could even be one of the first games to have a free next gen upgrade announced if Nintendo goes that route.

DaleCooper276d ago

It's an okay game but having it to play on a portable system could work well for it, as long as they don't force always online. We'll see!

banger88276d ago

This game has an offline mode for solo play.


Gotham Knights Would've Succeeded Without The Arkham Games

Ahmed from eXputer: "Gotham Knights is considered a critical failure by Batman fans, but I think it's pretty good without comparing it with the Arkham games."

Gaming4Life198129d ago

When it came to gamepass I thought it couldn't be as bad as people said it was. I was wrong cause it's terrible and feels very generic. Maybe it needed more development time and no live service crap.

CrimsonWing6929d ago

What was the live service crap?

neutralgamer199229d ago

It’s an average game and no matter how we spin it it would have still been an average game. Publishers chasing live service most fault but if it happens with natural growth it could happen. Look at helldivers 2 and than look at suicide squad. You have Harry Potter game generating 1 billion but WB still want to chase live service and they want future games from their studios to focus on GAAS


PS5 AAA Games 85% off in Huge New Year's Sale

These AAA PS5 games are dirt cheap.

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ZeekQuattro164d ago

I bought Scarlet Nexus physically a week ago for that price. A very fun and addicting game imo.

Demetrius164d ago

Bern wondering bou getting that too

1nsomniac164d ago

I’ve noticed a distinct lack in any reduction to PS+ subs this holiday season. Sony trying to force customers hands into paying the fully inflated price.

This is the longest I’ve ever been a non PS+ subscriber since it began. I won’t be the only one. Protest with your wallet or they will keep shafting the consumer!

Snookies12164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

They literally just had a reduced price on their official site. It was a 30% discount on all tiers for a year. I paid like $50 for a year of the basic.

shinoff2183164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Idk man there was a few months recently they knocked it out the park. Like the month we got all those jrpgs. Star oceans, etc. That was a great month.

andy85164d ago

This isn't true. They had one in December for a week and also Black Friday in November. There will most likely be the usual January one as well.

1nsomniac163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Last one they had was Black Friday. They didn’t have any in December. The first year they haven’t had one in December.

1nsomniac162d ago

Seems to be US by the looks of it, can’t see any mention of it in UK and certainly don’t remember seeing anything advertised on the store about it.

shadowknight203164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Its not really mind blowing deals, more like a bait n switch for clicks news article.

Between this and n4g never working anymore, i question why I even bother some days.

Shiro173164d ago

I thought this site was not working for me only. Good to know


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for October: Gotham Knights, Disco Elysium, House of Ashes

Also included are Alien: Isolation, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Outlast 2, and more.

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crazyCoconuts247d ago

Good month imo. I'll play Gotham Knights and House of Ashes. I'm finishing up Disco E on Steam right now - that's a superb game.

cthulhucultist247d ago

House of Ashes was weird but one of the good weird ones! Really enjoyed it

247d ago
Lexreborn2247d ago

I really enjoyed Gotham knights playing with my friend

247d ago