Is this the end for Final Fantasy on Xbox?

Final Fantasy on Xbox was once but a dream, until the Xbox 360 generation saw Square finally start to show Xbox some love. Now, it feels like that spell might have run its course... have we seen the last of Final Fantasy on Xbox?

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Christopher52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I hope not. Regardless of this whole "it's how business works" I firmly believe that games should eventually make their way to as many gamers as possible. Make it exclusive for a year, then pop that bad boy on other platforms, limitations depending (I don't think most AAA current-gen games are designed for downgrading to Switch, sorry Nintendo).

Imagine a world where PS5 games are a one-year timed exclusivity and then go to PC and Xbox and vice versa. We would have so little to argue about then. Life would be so much easier. Consumers would win.

blackblades52d ago

It'll still be on it, they just had re-core on it. Only way for it to never appear on it would be Sony buying square which probably not gonna happen.

lonewolf1051d ago

No sign of 7 remake though, that is odd.

shinoff218351d ago

I wouldn't be surprised that ssony has exclusive 7 remake until the actual whole story is done.

onisama51d ago

VI remake and rebirth and 16 all not coming to xbox ...but its fine its Playstation its fine if they do it

RedDevils51d ago

onisama, how about you stop crying about it, and actually buy their games? IF you actually buy their games they would see absolutely no reason to keep exclusive to the other platforms.

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sadraiden51d ago

You're just describing the gaming experience on PC.

goldwyncq51d ago

Then what's the point of buying consoles at all if we're just going to get the same games in the end? Exclusivity encourages competition, and competition brings out the best in companies because it gives them reason to strive to be better and put more effort in their games than they would normally do.

sadraiden51d ago

I usually balk at the idea of putting faith in massive corporations to do what's best for consumers because of competition (usually it's a race to the bottom), but I agree, when your business is selling fun times, you have to make your fun time as different as possible from the other guys' fun time.

Tres2151d ago

Ehhh I see a few flaws in that what usually strives a company to do better is profit. Also that only idea also only works for 1st party, 3rd party companies should want to get it out on most platforms if they can. Could you imagine if that idea of exclusivity worked on graphic cards like a game would only run on a certain brand and they said it brings out their best. All that really to say consoles I believe are just more so about ease of use and a set mark for companies since tech is always advancing.

Christopher51d ago

The same point in buying different desktop products, laptops, TVs, etc.?

And why would competition lessen when games are competing against games, not games locked to hardware competing against other games locked to hardware against third-party games?

--Onilink--51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Mmm to play those games?… why would I put even a second of caring that someone else will also get to play those games too?

onisama51d ago

funny that you encourage multiplatform Ips turning to exclusivity when sony does it (silent hill street fighter final fantasy and many square enix games spiderman ...) but wil havily critisize when Microsoft is firing back....being on this site is fun because i can see all the weird species

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neutralgamer199251d ago

I will give you few examples

How many studios who are now owned by MS will produce games for PlayStation? Besides any games which were already Sony had a contract with?

What about all the studios that Ms bought before zenimax?

Let's go recently besides COD do you think next Diablo, crash, Spyro etc will be on PlayStation?

And the reason I asked those questions is very simple:. Once this fiasco with Activision is over Sony will go on a shopping spree. They may not have $70 billion to spend but they can smartly spend $20 billion and end up with square enix, Capcom and Sega

Me can survive and thrive without Xbox but Sony's success depends on PlayStation. That's why they will want content. If you are a Xbox fan would you be okay giving up games from square enix, Capcom and Sega for what Ms would have acquired?

Star field
Elders scrolls
Outer world 2
Diablo 5
Hi fi rush

Resident evil
Final fantasy
Dragon quest
Dragon dogma
Monster hunter
Ace attorney
Dead rising
Kingdom hearts
Star ocean
Binary domain

onisama51d ago

spend 20 billions....bro you know that sony is on 2 trillion $ of have a income of 7.8 billion cant spend that much maybe if square is gonna sell for 4 billion they may go for better stick with buying exlusivity for games and rely on laws to protect their leads because without laws Microsoft is crazy rich (72billion income in 2022)

neutralgamer199250d ago

you don't know what you talking about, they have more than 10 billion to spend on acqusitions even after spending 3.6 billion on bungie and 256 million on insomniac. What you are referring to is called long term debt. and yu may have missed the point where playstation is more important to sony than xbox is to ms. square enix is a done deal and capcom is next. Only reason all this is on hold is because this would be the worst time for sony to announce they are buying anyone

darkrider50d ago

That will end. Microsoft path will change gaming, not for the best. The pay to win strategy it's their last card to stay relevant, but will have a deep impact. There is only one thing Sony and Nintendo Can do not lose major 3rd party ip...

neutralgamer199250d ago

i think this activision deal will have very severe ramifications on gaming landscape. these xbox fans who are defending this today will be the ones crying foul when others are bought out

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sparky7751d ago

Unless Sony buys SE, it will end up on Xbox.

SE just had another flop with Forespoken, the list of flops is growing and growing they will need all the money they can get. Or the will be asking for a lot more money from Sony for deals.

Nyxus51d ago

Porting a game to another platform also costs money. Also, FFXVI and Rebirth most likely won't be flops, those are pretty certain to be successful.

babadivad51d ago

A not insignificant amount of times, porting is done by third parties. They could even ask Microsoft to foot the bill for the third party team.

zekk51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@babadivad it may actually be more work them we think. Aren't all series x game supposed to work on series s? If so they would have to spend time optimizing the game to hardware 1/3 of the power or face backlash and criticism. From that perspective is it worth porting a game to a system that has a significantly smaller following? Even if they made money is it worth the time and effort?

andy8551d ago

There is a few flops (not counting forspoken in that yet). But FFXVI and Rebirth are shaping up to be the best in years. I expect them both to smash sales

shinoff218351d ago

Just cause some on the internet think it's a flop doesn't mean it will be.

Thundercat7751d ago

I think is more of a matter of support. The Xbox community doesn't support these games that much and so the publisher sees no value in creating a version for Xbox.

sadraiden51d ago

Underrated comment. Xbox in general curries far less favor with the Japanese/Japanese enthusiast gaming market. Xbox owners who also really want to play FF are a small group.

babadivad51d ago

That small group is still millions of people and tens of millions of dollars.

CBaoth51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@ Bab, if that were the case this wouldn't be a hot topic discussion right now, would it? Reality is unless SE puts it on GP, no one will buy it, which then causes MS to have to pay more to secure future releases. Just ain't worth it. Doubt me? Why don't ya tweet some head honcho at Sega and ask how copies of the Yakuza games they've sold since the series debuted on GP and MS consoles.

rlow151d ago

We hear the same statement every time. Xbox owners don’t play FF or Japanese games. But every time we hear that statement (it’s a lot). Nobody ever gives hardcore data. As though their word is good enough. If you make a definitive statement then you need to back it up with data.

Nyxus51d ago

Well there is the fact that many Japanese multiplatform games and series that appear on Switch, PC and PlayStation skip Xbox altogether. Series like Legend of Heroes, the Atelier games, the Ys games, etc. There has to be a reason they release on all platforms except Xbox. I think it's a cycle. Not many Japanese games release on Xbox, so gamers who are into those games get another console, so they sell even less, and so on.

gangsta_red51d ago


That may be true for the more niche RPGs and Japanese cultured centric games. But it's not true for the more successful Japanese games that have crossed over to Western audiences.

Namco, Capcom and Sega continue to bring their games to Xbox. Square is definitely a Japanese developer who's FF games fits in that category of western appeal also.

And in this case, if Square thought that this game wasn't financially viable to release on Xbox, then why would Sony pay to keep for exclusive rights?

2moda5gamer51d ago

The data is there though. It's just old hat so people got lazy sharing it.

There is STILL sales and money there, but each generation it got smaller and smaller, to the point where the costs may not be worth it overall?
Just like Playstation is not the system for you if you wanna play Halo, Xbox is not a FF system.
The difference is brand loyalty as opposed to ownership - the exclusivity deal is really just icing on the cake.

Reddrover21u51d ago

Even the article talks about everything but actual support and sales.

People can sprout "All games need to be on all consoles(except Xbox games)" all they want, but this is a business. It takes money to make these games and companies are trying to make their money back.

7 remake showed PlayStation fans will support and buy final fantasy games day one, while most Xbox fans aren't going to touch it unless it's on Gamepass.

DarkZane51d ago

Now with Gamepass, Xbox gamers don't even buy games anymore, they just wait until it's on Gamepass. For an AAA publisher, that's bad and even less enticing for them to port it. Add the fact that japanese games don't sell very well on Xbox, it means Japan support for Xbox is going to drop further.

babadivad51d ago

I have gamepass and I buy far more games than I used too.

One thing people don't realize about GP is it's not just "free games". Just having the service is like always having a sale going on in the store.

Even games that aren't currently on gamepass, if you go to the marketplace, click in deals(accessible simply because you're subscribed) there's often hundreds of games listed at huge discounts.

I have been playing and buying more games than I have time. After I beat Horizon, I have been burning through my insane back catalog of games on Xbox.

Honestly, game pass is the reason why I have bought FAR more games on Xbox than Playstation.

The service is amazing and well worth the price asked IMHO.

Shadowsteal51d ago


Your comment comes off as a lot of fluff and no context.

Why would an Xbox gamer purchase a game that they already have access to via Gamepass?

babadivad51d ago


I said I buy games that ARE NOT on gamepass but are still heavily discounted because I'm a gamepass subscriber.

Chevalier51d ago


Except Xbox own reports show a steep drop off in 3rd party sales. That's straight from Xbox/Microsoft themselves. It's not what you perceive. It's FACT

"Microsoft says that even though Game Pass subscriptions and first-party titles did numbers during the quarter, those gains are offset by a decrease in third-party game purchases."


Then 2022 also confirmed further revenue drops too.

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The3faces51d ago

If that were true and Square sees no value in putting their games on Xbox then why does Sony pay Square for timed exclusity?

MrNinosan51d ago

Do you have proof they do?

Nyxus51d ago

But would Square take such a deal if they thought they would miss out on a lot of Xbox sales that way?

Obscure_Observer51d ago


"Do you have proof they do?"

Sony has multiple "exclusion" agreements with third-party publishers, dude.

gangsta_red51d ago

And yet Square continued to put the main FF series on the system. I always see these comments saying this and while they may sell more on PS, they also still sell on Xbox.

We have already seen Square post disappointing earnings and that's with games on both systems. It can't just be all about Xbox support if this is the case.

In this instance for Final Fantasy it's definitely Sony paying to keep the game off Xbox

shinoff218351d ago

More then likely just a certain. Amount of time. I wanted to play stsrfield on my ps and I'll never be able to.

gangsta_red51d ago


According to reports it will never come to Xbox

"I wanted to play stsrfield on my ps and I'll never be able to."

It's a shame Sony wasn't able to make Starfield exclusive to PS too


Petebloodyonion51d ago

then why put all spinoff games on Xbox instead of the more popular one?
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not on Xbox nor will Final Fantasy 16 and FF7 Rebirth (atm)
but Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core reunion is...
I wonder what would sell more on Xbox?
The most requested remake, The next main game in the franchise, or a PSP remake?

jznrpg51d ago

Majority of Xbox gamers don’t support buying any games anymore . They’re expect everything to be on Gamepass now so I could see how more games will skip Xbox at launch at minimum and possibly just skip it altogether . Having the Series S hurts them also having to make 2 versions that won’t sell well anyway and it will depend on the checks from MS , Not all games will be this way but I do think more will consider PS/PC only in the future

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sadraiden51d ago

Final Fantasy is a brand now. It used to be a standard, but now it's watered down and overleveraged. They are mid action games these days, barely resembling JRPGs and barely resembling what made FF exciting in the first place. Xbox players should be demanding more original IPs that can be turned into legacy exclusive franchises, not the meatscraps from the filet mignon that Sony and Nintendo already dined on.