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ESTNN Writes: "Despite middling reviews, Forspoken has been a big talking point over the last month or so. After dropping a demo that did not quite manage to show off the game's better qualities, rumors of a botched PC Port (I hear it's fine, just very hardware hungry), and other weird discourse. It was apparent from the get-go that this game wasn't going to get the fairest treatment by both reviews and the internet landscape."

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SurgicalMenace55d ago

I started playing it last night, and it is pretty good.

gammaray1355d ago

I just finished the main story and it was brilliant, now the game has opened up even more, with all the powers you get makes this game even more of a blast

SurgicalMenace55d ago

It's crazy that those who are actually playing it have a different take than all those not playing it. An attempt to disrupt enjoyment from outside the house, it would seem.

Elda55d ago

Exactly. It seems folks that bought the game have nothing but good things to say about Forspoken myself included. I played this entire past weekend. I played 2 hrs after work late last night that I didn't want to stop playing because I'm enjoying the story along with the fun gameplay. I'm about to start chapter 10 & when I get home from work tonight I'm definitely going to put 2hrs in before bed The game is fun!!

REDGUM55d ago

Exactly the same thing happened to Days Gone. So sad that people can get so wrapped up with other peoples opinions instead of playing and deciding for themselves after actually playing the games..

Angyobangyo55d ago

After playing the demo….for me it doesn’t warranty my time. If others are enjoying it, then good for them.

jznrpg55d ago

The demo doesn’t represent the game well as it was a custom area only for the demo to display the mechanics and not the world .

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