How Final Fantasy VII Ended Nintendo's Dominance of Video Games

Final Fantasy VII was more than just a success for Sony. It also brought an end to Nintendo's reign over third-party developers and gaming in general.

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masterfox51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

nah it wasn't FFVII, that was more like a the final nail in the coffin for Nintendo reign of JRPGs, what it ended Nintendo imo its console share market to a mere fraction in this game industry, it was their lack of vision for the future of the game industry, the moment Nintendo ditched the Sony Partnership Nintendo literally killed its brand as the best gaming console from 80s to 1995 aprox, but had to say thanks to that Sony Gaming Division emerged and was able to create the best gaming device in this game industry has ever had, and still continues as the best brand and gaming device.

Flawlessmic50d ago

Agreed, the moment they burned Sony, it was game over and the greatest gaming brand emerged and hasn't look back since!!

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Padder50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Kind of mind blowing that the article entirely skips the exclusivity deal with Sony where Squaresoft had to produce something like 20 games for them. I may be wrong on the amount but that's why they had so many games released on the ol' Playstation. I thought that was common knowledge.

curtain_swoosh50d ago

i meanz without a source, its very difficult to believe you.

its however, commonly known that swuare was already working a CD format game after it came out that Nintendo was coming out with the cd nintendo thing.

square's project was ambitious and the nintendo 64 just wasnt up to the task

you can all read about nintendo and how they operate here

Padder49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I did find this on wikipedia:
"A licensing agreement with Sony was signed in 1996, which stated that Sony would publish Square's next six games."
So I was wrong, 20 games is quite a bit off the mark. I used to read a lot of gaming news back in the day and that's how I had interpreted it or rumors going around.
Sony did try and acquire 19% of Squaresoft around 2021 but that's a different timeframe.

curtain_swoosh49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

so, your whole argument was that what, sony made a deal with square for six games?

not sure how thats even part of the discussion ha. they even published more than that for the playstation 1
ff7 to 9
chocobo racing
the ff5 and 6 bundle game
parasite eve 1 and 2

so thats 8 already. instead of the 6 agreed ones

Padder49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I greatly misremembered the number of games, as I replied, and warned I may be off on that number initially. It did help cement the relationship between both companies going forward and it was a highly creative period where Squaresoft experimented a lot with different titles. Not looking for conflict. I thought that agreement was an important detail to point out. For a company that was on everyone's lips at the time, 6 consecutive games from Squaresoft was significant news and made many of my friends excited. It did definitely grow to be much much more than 6 titles XD

curtain_swoosh50d ago

im glad square switched over to playstation. we'd never have gotten some of the hest ff games if not.

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