Forza Motorsport Won't Have A Native Xbox One Release

Xbox One players get a cloud version instead.

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GotGame818502d ago

At least they get that. It really looks fantastic. I am still waiting to see if it really runs at 4K 60fps with Raytracing, on Series X like Microsoft said. Color me very skeptical!

4Sh0w501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

I have gravitated more to enjoying Forza Horizon series, love the freedom but damm every new racing game whether its GT or Forza sure as hell is beautiful to look at. Freakin car porn.

Aussieguy501d ago

Did they say it will be 4k 60fps with raytracing in gameplay? If so, thats crazy and would love to see that. But I highly doubt it also, specially with the graphics they have shown from the game

GotGame818501d ago

Here you go Mate. Digital Foundry also talks about it.


Obscure_Observer501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

"At least they get that."

It was a promise made by Phil Spencer. A few years back, he said after 2022 they would drop Xbox One and focus only on next gen consoles and PC. No even Hi-Fi Rush has an Xbox One version. He´s delivering on his world.

"I am still waiting to see if it really runs at 4K 60fps with Raytracing, on Series X like Microsoft said. Color me very skeptical!"

Turn 10 has an excellent track record when comes to deliver amazing performance. I remember people been very skeptical about Forza Motorsport 7 running at 4k/60fps on Xbox One X.

Most people bet that only the PC version would be able to achieve such performance. Well...

"Essentially, the Xbox One X looks to be delivering the ultra-high-end experience without compromising performance, and as a result the game looks and feels great to play. It's shaping up to be the real deal - a native 4K60 racing game that features top-end PC quality visuals but on a console."


GotGame818501d ago

Xbox One doesn't have a Hi-Fi Rush version. Forza Motorsport 7 is cloud only on Xbox One, I am well aware of Turn 10s work. I have been playing their games for years.
Here is a link to Xbox. HI-FI is Series and PC only.


DarXyde501d ago

Yes, I agree. I had assumed this was something they would do eventually to comply with the whole forward compatibility thing.

I think they should include Series S in that and just take advantage of X... But that's just me

EvertonFC501d ago

Yep wish GT7 was just ps5 tbh

FlavorLav01501d ago

@ EvertonFC - And I wish Forza was coming to VR like Gran Turismo…which is PS5 and PSVR2 exclusive..

DarXyde501d ago


Nah, I think Gran Turismo takes a ton of time and probably has ungodly budgets as a result. The cross gen for that is probably for the best because it helps recoup the cost, but also the approach is actually a nice thing for them to do since PS4 has no numbered entries otherwise. I expect one more Gran Turismo game for PS5 late in the generation that might be a cross gen launch/ launch window title for PS6.

My point is...Turn 10 has a much faster turnaround time than Polyphony Digital, apparently. Forza started 2 games behind Gran Turismo and has now outnumbered them. For that reason, knowing PS4 almost missed a numbered entry entirely, it was a good move in my opinion.

crazyCoconuts502d ago

Interesting. With more time in development and no ties to last gen, this looks likely to beat GT in visuals

Vits502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Not that it's particularly difficult. GT has very detailed cars, but the moment you look outside it all falls apart.

crazyCoconuts501d ago

What do you mean, like the track itself or things in the distance? I just skimmed the DF review, they said it looked nice and natural but built on top of the GT Sport tech and environments don't quite look next-gen.

IRetrouk501d ago

Not true at all, I can provide you with plenty of screenshots showing off the track detail, some look better than others, but none make the game fall apart at all.

ApocalypseShadow502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

It's very possible for it to look better not being tied to last Gen. Only question is if that's enough to increase sales of Xbox and Forza? Will it increase game pass subscriptions?

Sony's ace to increase PS5 and GT7 sales starting next month is full VR support with PS VR 2. Will gamers who get a taste of increased immersion in VR care for the extra detail of photogrammetry? Will Microsoft get smart and release VR support on PC like Flight Simulator? It would be a huge waste not to add PC VR support.

We're going to find out soon enough what gathers the most attention. The difference of seeing the detail of the cars, the tracks, weather and time of day inside from racing or close up car examination in the garage.

Or seeing pretty graphics, weather, time of day, etc up close but not really being able to see them "up close" no matter what camera Forza gamers use on their televisions.

Orchard501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

“ We're going to find out soon enough what gathers the most attention.”

We already know the answer - about 4% of gamers like to experience the former (VR).

“Normal” racing is way more popular than VR racing.

Petebloodyonion501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Will Forza help increase sales of Xbox consoles? probably a little if it's bundled but it won't be like a Spider-man game or a Mario Kart.
As for Gamepass, I doubt that MS expects a major increase in new subscriptions since there's already plenty of great racers already available on the service.
Also, Judging by Phil's latest message about a poor 2022, I expect that MS's priority will be to solidify the current player base and portfolio by delivering a strong year of content before expecting lots of newcomers to the service.

Regarding GT7 I doubt that PSVR2 will create a massive spike in sales of the game (maybe in the long run) but I'm sure that it can create some buzz for PS Vr2 Headset amongst current GT7 owners who had no interest prior to the announcement.

Regarding the MS and VR, I think they are still on the fence and have no clues about what they want in the field like something they try stuff like Minecraft on PSVR, Flight sim, or Game Pass for Quest2.
But I agree releasing a VR mode for Forza on PC would be awesome.

Knushwood Butt501d ago

GT7 is already picking up sales in Japan and the price has shot back up. It was going really cheap a few months after launch.

crazyCoconuts501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Personally I'm more interested in the technology than the sales. Different install bases and game pass alone will make it pointless to try and compare. PSVR2 is what lead me to buy GT recently, but I don't think there's that many of us into VR yet, dunno.
Certainly no reason for MS to put VR into Forza since PCVR is in a big lull since Meta pulled out.

IRetrouk501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Crazy, send me your psn and I'll add you to a gt7 group who are all buying the headset to race. Gonna be an amazing experiance.

@orchard, it was 5% and they all bought atleast 5 games per headset.....not sure why your always trying to put it down, but it clearly makes money which is why its being supported again, add to the fact that vr and racing games go together better than any other, and make the experiance way better, normal racing may be more popular, but vr racing is better.
If forza or ms supported vr, you would be all over it🤣

@apocalypse, I think forza will deff get some to jump on gamepass, I also know for a fact vr support has sold some people on gt, dont know if either is gonna make a massive difference to numbers, but they should deff help shift a few subs/copies.

Obscure_Observer501d ago


An old gen game vs a current game? Really?

I think you forgot that PSVR2 will cost $599.99 at the top of new games that will be released for it.

Forza will be released on both Xbox Series consoles and PC. Not to mention Gamepass. I think it´s pretty clear which game will be more popular when Forza releases.

Still, whatever helps you sleep at night.

DarXyde501d ago


I don't think that argument holds up, and I think you know that. It may in fact be better or worse, but you cannot assume that people do not want the experience in VR. Consider the personal anecdote of...myself. I didn't jump on VR because I felt the tech was not there.

Now? I'm all in and very much looking forward to the experience. The DualSense is an excellent controller and I can't wait to try VR with that same level of immersion with a much higher level of detail than the preceding hardware.

Interest and market share are not static. Nintendo and Sony continue to show us that. Behave yourself.

darkrider501d ago

Yes, sony will be the only console with a true next step in racing. Vr and with quality. Total immersion in racing. Closer then that it's impossible

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1Victor501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

Crazy “ interesting. With more time in development and no ties to last gen, this looks likely to beat GT in visuals”
It would be a shame if it didn’t considering how old GT will be at forza release time.
By now you should know it’s like phones apple release a well featured phone then a few months later comes a android phone that beat it only to get beaten a few months later with another iOS phone and so forth.

Orchard501d ago

“ It would be a shame if it didn’t considering how old GT will be at forza release time. ”

GT7 isn’t even a year old at this point… you’re talking as if it came out 5 years ago.

dumahim501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

@ Orchard
I know it's hard for you to understand things like this, but GT7 is a PS4 game built upon GT Sport which came out in 2017. Forza is supposed to be built from the ground up for the new generation. Do you think they're meant to be on the same level?

Obscure_Observer501d ago

"It would be a shame if it didn’t considering how old GT will be at forza release time."

Shame? GT7 was released less than an year ago. XD

Try and find another excuse for Sony´s incompetence.

FlavorLav01501d ago

I’m sure Forza will look great in VR, oh wait….