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Read the TechRaptor Forspoken review and learn more about Forspoken gameplay, story details, and more. See what sets the Forspoken parkour adventure apart.

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coolbeans56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Me when I see the review I agree with.

It's valuable to have this score spread, but c'mon now.

shammgod56d ago

Great game. Can’t wait for the DLC which is supposed to be a prequel.

sammarshall10256d ago

Oh snap I didn't know DLC was coming. Nice!!!

shammgod56d ago

Summer 2023 it’s supposed to drop. It’s part of the deluxe edition pre order. I think it’s $20 to upgrade

Elda56d ago

The correct score. I'm having a blast playing Forspoken.

S2Killinit56d ago

I really do wonder what got into some of the reviewers who scored this with 5s and 6s. I just dont get it.

YodaCracker56d ago

Reading the reviews might help, instead of just looking at the scores.

S2Killinit56d ago

I read the reviews, and they simply dont make sense.

yeahokwhatever56d ago

its the new cool thing to hate. just dont pay attention and buy fun games. reviewers didnt like Soldier of Fortune: Payback, but I had an absolute blast playing that piece of crap. What a great game.

Hereandthere56d ago

Forspoken is not nearly as bad as a certain fan base will say it is because it's not on their console of choice, for me, I think it's much better than hi fi rush. Forspoken is a very good looking game, while hi fi could easily run on ps3 or xbox 360

Orchard55d ago

But you’re in the minority if you think Forspoken is actually good.

“ Forspoken is a very good looking game, while hi fi could easily run on ps3 or xbox 360”

It’s almost like gameplay > graphics for enjoyability…

Also Forspoken doesn’t look that great, it looks dated. And the graphics absolutely do not warrant drops to 720p res.