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WTMG's Leo Faria: "I’ll be brief: this is still the GoldenEye you have loved for the past twenty-five years, with just enough quality of life improvements to make it feel at home in a modern console. It runs well (though not at 60fps), its new controller scheme is a godsend, and the godlike soundtrack remains intact. It’s more than just nostalgia bait: as a shooter made in a time when console shooters weren’t a thing, it has aged surprisingly well in most aspects besides its visuals. I love that I can finally play this on a modern system, with a decent controller, for the foreseeable future. Welcome back, James. And curse anyone who still chooses Oddjob in multiplayer to this day."

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darthv7252d ago

i appreciate the updated controls and solid 30fps frame rate. Online multiplayer notwithstanding, this is definitely better than the switch version.

Firebird36052d ago

Game was a 10, still is a 10. Buy it and enjoy it.