Destiny 2: Lightfall major changes removes Umbral Engrams

Bungie has announced a vast number of changes headed to Destiny 2 when the Lightfall expansion releases next month - Umbral engrams are no more.

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SPEAKxTHExTRUTH63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Good they take up to much of what’s already limited space. They’re almost as useless as blues at this point. Now get rid of a lot of other useless material, give us load outs (which I heard they are finally) a bigger post master and the ability to accept quest from orbit without using an app. These are just a few changes I’d like to see.

r2oB63d ago

Umbral engrams are important for focusing seasonal gear, which is why they are getting rid of umbral engrams and replacing them with seasonal engrams. Most likely will be the same thing, just a different name.


I get much better gear without seasonal focused gear. I have 3 100 stat armor so for me it’s a waste. I don’t care about the perks on the season gear I’d rather have the space. You’re most likely right when you say they will just replace them with something else using a different name but I hope whatever they do it doesn’t take up space.