GoldenEye 007 Remaster Won't Be Free If You Physically Own Rare Replay

Rare has made an announcement on Twitter, stating that GoldenEye 007 will not be available to players who physically own Rare Replay.


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darthv7251d ago

It is a strange situation but not something we didn't already know about.

luckytrouble51d ago

Doesn't Microsoft already have a system for authenticating discs to allow the download of enhanced versions? If this was a third party here I would get it, but there is no real excuse when you're a Microsoft first party studio.

Sciurus_vulgaris51d ago

There is some significant licensing involved with releasing Goldeneye 007.

luckytrouble51d ago

Ah yes, and small indie company Microsoft could not possibly navigate such things. Glad someone is here to give them an excuse.

Orchard51d ago

Just because you’re a big company doesn’t mean it’s easy to get competitors like Nintendo and Amazon on board.

Petebloodyonion50d ago

Then why allows the digital owners to have the game? Shouldn't licensing issues and others restrictions apply?
It's not like the game will magically appear on the disk.

FallenAngel198451d ago

What a kick in the Mr Pants

I’ve never seen such a strange decision for a physical and digital version of the same game

AzubuFrost51d ago

And yet Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Atlus, Namco Bandai, Nintendo get free passes when they remaster/remake their games for the umpteenth time.

shinoff218351d ago

Some of those situations are quite a bit different. Cool white knighting though

SoulWarrior50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Comparing this barebones port to any remaster/remake is an insult to those games lol.

Petebloodyonion50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I'm the first one to call Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft, etc... when they try to resell you the same game or charge you for an upgrade patch but this isn't the same thing because, in your example, the SCAM... Sorry, I meant the justified asking price, applies to all customers.

Here it's different because Rare just created 2 classes of Rare Replay owners: the lucky one who gets to have an extra game and the unlucky one who doesn't.

FallenAngel198451d ago

Way to detract from this odd decision

porkChop51d ago

It's not really a "decision" though. They've said it has to do with the licensing issues. It's just like how only Nintendo gets online multiplayer. It's a really complicated mess of licensing and clearly Nintendo was able to strongarm some stuff.

IanTH50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I suspect it is a form of decision, though. "Licensing issue" sounds more like code for "would cost us more money". They didn't say impossible, just issue. Not saying it isn't justifiable, money is money, they can't justify taking a total bath. The fact they chose to separate the userbase is questionable, though. Then again, it also does nudge people towards thinking about digital as the better option for future purchases. Which, let's be honest, is the future all these companies would prefer.

Deathdeliverer51d ago

So no online AND it’s going to cost ya. If they asking for anything over $10 (and that’s still kinda high as multiplayer is what put this game on the map, not single player) then they are banking heavy on nostalgia to drive your hand than common sense. I still have my 64 (3 actually) AND Goldeneye 64. I’m good.

Also, it kinda highlights how cool SharePlay is on PS4 & now 5. Even though it’s a offline multiplayer game, you could “pass a controller” to an online friend and they could play with you. It really is a cool feature nobody talks about but I use it all the time with nidhog and towerfall acension.

SonyStyled51d ago

I used SharePlay a handful of times a few years ago. I think it’s kind of forgotten because it requires PS+ and you were only allowed an hour per game “passing the controller.” One player is also streaming off the others console

Deathdeliverer51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Its mileage will definitely vary. But games that didn’t have online suddenly had online. Of course connections matter, but everyone I did it with was fine. Even beat final fight double impact on the hardest difficulty online with it even though the game has no online. The PS+ requirement is no big deal. If you’re interested in playing anything online you would already have plus. Also that hour was nbd. Close SharePlay, start it again, and boom. Continue the game in like 15 seconds. By passing the controller I’m talking about play together, not them playing alone although both are cool.

sadraiden50d ago

The only reason why this game is being re-released at all is because of heavy nostalgia.

Despite the 90s nostalgia wave being long over, people are still clinging to this idea of reliving their childhood, one capitalistic motion at a time, even though n64's and emulation haven't stopped existing.

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