Why Do People Hate Oddjob In Goldeneye 007?

There's a reason Goldeneye players can't stand this guy.

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TheEnigma31355d ago

If you've even played Golden Eye multiplayer, this wouldn't be a question. He is short naturally, and when you crouch with him, you can run up to people and chop them and it's hard to stop it if he sneaks up on you.

TeamIcoFan55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

What's puzzling is that in the film, Goldfinger, Oddjob's not short. So why they made him short in the game is a mystery.

TheSenorCheese54d ago

That's what we were wondering!

LordStig54d ago

I'm guessing they mixed up oddjob with the little guy from "the man with the golden gun"

FinalFantasyFanatic54d ago

Really it's no surprise, it's the opposite reason for people avoid Jaws though, no one wanted to be a massive target.

purple10155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

He was over powered in n64 because of height. And placement of yellow direction buttons on the gamepad/ controller,. It took more clicks to aim on him .

Just too short. Haha. And slightly ugly prehaps. At least on n64 version.

Alex travellion face was also something to behold if memory serves correct.

CrimsonWing6955d ago

He’s short and even with auto aim it takes a moment for your gun to aim down. Meanwhile he’s blasting away your crotch and we played on License to Kill so yea, no Oddjob allowed.

fleshzombie54d ago

Come on bro, everyone knows picking Oddjob is considered cheating.

NotoriousWhiz54d ago

Even the developers knew that. Oddjob was for your little cousin who needed a handicap.

Dandizzle54d ago

Because he is short and with the n64 controller it is not easy to aim downward on the fly, so he ends up dodging most shots.

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The story is too old to be commented.