Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct , What Did You Expect?

Xbox and Bethesda rode out a snowstorm to deliver some promising news!

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Lightning77543d ago

I expected Avowed and Hell Blade 2!

I'm sorry I expected the games they said that were gonna be at the event. They had one more game so that's a plus.

The event did what it was supposed to. Was I interested in those games. Personally, no not really. Redfall was the only game that I was interested in going in. That's not to say the other games and communities don't matter, those games simply aren't for me. I'll have to ding Forza for not having a release date. That game most definitely won't be out until after the 12 months. Sucks for Forza fans Il say.

I like this style of direct MS should do more of them. How they present the games was great we just need bigger games next time under this format.

pro5002542d ago

Yeah, I kinda of forgot about Avowed. I hope that game is still going well in development....cause it looked sick haha

Lightning77542d ago

Speculation it's suppose to release early 24.

Here's hoping.


The format was excellent IMO. My problem was that Arkane wasn't able to justify $70 for Redfall. Yes, graphics aren't everything, but even Pure Xbox has criticism of the value the game offers.


My suspicion is that Microsoft wants to release a $20 Game Pass tier that includes various DLC's/Deluxe Editions....and Redfall will be the initial guinea pig for this service. $100 for a new IP that we still know little about is ridiculous IMO.

Petebloodyonion542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

Well according to many Youtubers and media like IGN it seems that the Redfall showing was quite a success

Perhaps you should reread your article because what they are talking about isn't the value of the 70$ games but the value of the deluxe edition
"We're very, very happy to see Arkane's Redfall finally dated; slotting into the upcoming Xbox Game Pass 2023 schedule on May 2nd. While the game's inclusion in Microsoft's subscription service provides incredible value (the game is $70 to buy separately), we're not quite sure the same can be said for its Deluxe upgrade."

Also, just like Hi-Fi Rush, it seems that the Redfall showing was received quite well by the majority of gaming media or popular YouTubers.

Christopher543d ago

It seems to me that Microsoft and Sony are doing the same thing now. They're only showing exactly what is ready to be shown and nothing else.

Lightning77543d ago

Though MS should of been doing this a while ago instead of having us wait once a year at E3.

It's about time they're getting the memo.

Shadowsteal542d ago

I wouldn't say *exactly* the same. Microsoft has shown their hand on games WAY too early.

Hellblade 2
Perfect Dark
Outer Worlds 2

Sony is playing their cards infinitely more close to their chest.

Christopher542d ago

Yes, that was two years ago. Now... at this moment, they aren't doing that.

Let's not make this some sort of stupid pissing contest on who has done what longer when obviously my words aren't talking about two years ago.

Vectro543d ago

Hi-fi rush was a really pleasant surprise. I enjoyed this Xbox event more than the past ones recently.

crazyCoconuts542d ago

It was well done. I liked the format and...Hi-fi coming out of nowhere and actually being good? That's the kind of stuff that gets people excited for sure.

cthulhucultist542d ago

The format was refreshingly good. Not much time was wasted on development speak as decent gameplay footage was shown throughout the duration of the direct.

Previous MS developer events showed devs on chairs hyping their own projects and MS shills projecting fake enthusiastic vibes.

This was more down to earth, gamer friendly event in my opinion

SteempunkMonk542d ago

I’m surprised a few days later how well received Hi-Fi is. It looked so niche to me.

GotGame818543d ago

The Forza presentation was great. I would have liked a release date. Hi-Fi was a fantastic surprise! Not a fan of cell shade, but Hi-Fi does it right. Very original. Other than that, it was okay. Hi-Fi helped a lot.

MikesNerdCave542d ago

I agree, the lack of the release date for Forza was disappointing. Hopefully it is still first half of the year but this leads me to believe otherwise.