GoldenEye 007 vs Dead Space: Remake Battle

It's time for an epic remake battle with GoldenEye 007 Vs Dead Space. The two games are set to arrive on 27th January 2023.

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Flawlessmic57d ago

Ahhh golden eye isnt a remake........

Same old game up ressed with better controls.

This writer clearly had to mu h time of there hands and had to make up a non existent battle lol

CrimsonWing6957d ago

It still weirds me out that people can’t differentiate between a Remaster and Remake. How is that possible?

One’s literally a port with basically Max PC settings, the other is a literal recreation built from the ground up. Yet I sh*t you not there’s people calling Dead Space Remake a Remaster and now you have this guy calling goldeneye a Remake…

SinisterMister57d ago

Golden Eye 007? A remake? Sheesh.

sadraiden57d ago

"Games Journalism"

Seriously. Between the bought-and-paid-for puff pieces from publishers, people acting like mobile games are actual games, and tripe like this, it's a wonder how the games industry survives with hacks like this writing about it.

SoulWarrior57d ago

A bare bones lazy port, capped at 30fps, with frame pacing issues and texture glitches compared to the Dead Space ramek? Which is excellent btw/

BlaqMagiq157d ago

Umm does this idiot author not know that GoldenEye is not a remake or even a good remaster?