Forspoken: A Game That Will Leave You Speechless (Literally)

Square Enix’s newest role-playing game, Forspoken, has been causing controversy for all the wrong reasons. Critics have called the game’s dialogue cringeworthy, poorly written, and completely incomprehensible.

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FingerAction57d ago

I'm not going to lie it's really cringy at times but I still enjoyed the game overall.

THEzRude57d ago

its 20usd game pretending to be Triple A.

spoonard56d ago

It seems like it was made with discarded Final Fantasy assets. They were just like "Well, we spent a lot of time and money on this stuff, it would suck to just throw them out."

Adrian_v0157d ago

Canceled my pre-order because of all the negativity around it. Just watched a longer stream of the game and... I don't understand it. Game looks fun and the dialog is fine, way blown out of proportion. Will be buying it these days when I get downtime for gaming.

shinoff218357d ago

I think alot of hate is coming from a side. Some might not really like it. Personally I think it's alot of nitpicking. People gonna find out. Keep nitpicking stupid things and all were gonna get is same old sequel after sequels because devs will be afraid to be different.

I seen someone cry about the girl saying I think I leveled up.


I seen someone complain about learning lore of the game through books.

Really cause skyrim books. Enough Said.

It's just people being overdramatic and nitpicking. Cringe is another thing. I think some don't know what cringe really is. The word is overly used these days.

Christopher57d ago

If you play AA or A games regularly and not just AAA, the dialogue isn't as bad as others. But, it is a AAA game with mediocre dialogue and a fairly boring world, IMHO.

CrimsonIdol57d ago

"Cringe is another thing. I think some don't know what cringe really is."
Cringe is subjective. Like, some people can watch The Big Bang Theory without their forehead imploding under the weight of the severe cringe. How, I don't know, but there you have it.

Likewise, I haven't played the game, but the dialogue I've seen in trailers and little snippets seems pretty bloody cringe to me. This combined with a world/story that hasn't sold itself to me is enough to know that this game is absolutely not for me. Not in a style of game that centres around characters, world and story especially. But I'm sure there's people that might like it.

Snookies1256d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@CrimsonIdol - I think you missed the point of Big Bang Theory leaning INTO cringe. A lot of it is intentional, and it's quite good at hitting that mark on purpose. Please stop acting like it's some sort of flaw on others to enjoy the show. When it's honestly funnier than most other American T.V. shows out there. Really hate seeing people drag a series into the mud on their opinion, just to make a point. Especially when it isn't related to the context of the article whatsoever.

shammgod56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Other people’s opinions are more valuable than your own.

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SullysCigar57d ago

The clips they show in this article aren't even the worst examples of the dialogue, but they definitely serve to demonstrate the tone of the game and how the cringe is relentless. It's so bad.

jambola57d ago

The constant swearing drives me nuts
like i have no issue with "bad" words but like
mix it up a bit, hearing "fuck, shit, asshole" so much is hard not to laugh at

FingerAction57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

it swearing just to doesn't feel natural. It's like watching an R- Rated Disney movie

jambola57d ago

It reminds me of being 14 and people trying to be cool

Tacoboto57d ago

Ahh 14. Halo 2 had just come out, I was so cool throwing all the F bombs in Head to Head.

At least this game doesn't have yo momma jokes. I imagine it would've gone something like this in the writers' room...
"We can fit one here - look, there's a 200m gap between waypoints"
"Yo momma wouldnt fit if it were 300m but we can't, she's an orphan."
"Ah what fuckin shit whose stupid ass idea was that?"
"Whoa. Ok we'll use THAT! Brilliant!"

RPGer57d ago

I got the vibe of: "fuCk duDe that wOs OwesoMe"

So annoying and so irritating.

57d ago
Tacoboto57d ago

What about dynamic swearing? Or the swearing version of the Nemesis system. The more times an enemy or enemy type kills you, the more she and Cuff swear around them.

shinoff218357d ago

I swear alot. It's pretty natural.

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MightyHealthy57d ago

I was watching someone stream it yesterday and chatted about her potty mouth, I agree with you

jambola57d ago

I went back to a stream and literally the first thing I heard was "so we're fucking stuck here?"

HyperMoused57d ago

I feel like thats th enorm nowadays....missed evil west from that watched the intro had some Mofo and S&%k my D8yK and i was out..stupid and no reason for it, its not edgy or young or hip, its stupid.

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Lexreborn257d ago

Wild how hyper sensitive people all of a sudden are, even though the most offensive game with swearing every 5 second and offensive dialogue galore EVERY GRAND THEFT AUTO GAME.

Which also has the most laughable dialogue with people constantly making fun of its cringy writings and core mechanics. But this game…. Oh it’s just so so so offensive with the cussing. And oh the dialogue it to much!

FingerAction57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I see what you're saying but it's about the tone of your game. In GTA you expect to hear cursing and raw jokes. The cringy dialogue only bothers me when it doesn't fit the tone. Just my opinion though 🥴

Lexreborn257d ago

Well isn’t tone a matter of the developers to set? It’s a little odd to believe all isekais that transport people to alternate dimensions are filled exclusively with Eurocentric settings and old timey English don’t you think? And considering this character is an homeless kid who is a product of the New York legal system with no family…. How else would her tone be?

Have you ever talked with low income poor people before? They aren’t all exactly speaking perfect English with a grand vocabulary. It’s honestly how I would expect someone under these conditions to talk and she’s technically higher educated(in a poor way) with potential by the stories tone.

But does that immediately erase the fact she was an abandoned baby? Does that erase the bouncing from homes? Does it erase that she’s living in an abandoned apartment complex? Or perhaps it erases the criminal involvement she’s in with local street gangs?

If you play the game the character has a reason to be what they are. But, if you are immediately dismissing the core principles of who the character is in this adventure you are doing yourself a disservice.

I’m 10 hours plus into the game and I’m loving it. The music is excellent. The gameplay addictive, I’ve been grinding LIKE an rpg mastering my first set of magic clearing out zones and ruins. Upgrading my equipment and enhancing the skills through challenges making her super strong all before the first boss.

Graphicallly it’s stable I’ve had 0 crashes and even doing things I thought would break the game never crashed! I got stuck between a mountain and the thing popping out. She was stuck in air animation, after a while of it the game put her back on the map!

When I played Gaurdians of the Galaxy there were SO MANY BUGS! Characters spawning at cutscenes, stuck between a transition point, falling through the board. It was frustrating but those are things I haven’t seen at all in Forspoken.

Top it off that loading literally takes seconds from start up to game and even fast travel! It’s insanely fast, which means I STAY playing it’s amazing.

This game being called bad over dialogue is honestly horse shit. It’s just stubborn people who made their mind up about how they wanted to feel and refuse to change their position. And it’s grown extremely toxic as people who HAVENT played the game are screaming it’s bad now.

This is sucks because as I see this game having an extremely bright future I’m losing hope that it will go anywhere because of the negativity behind it.

CantThinkOfAUsername57d ago

@Lexreborn2 I was cringed by every trailer they released and it killed my interest in the game. I also voiced my dissatisfaction alongside others here and on YouTube. However, after watching an hour-long gameplay video, the first 15 minutes alone made me understand why she's exactly the way she is. She's completely different from the cookie-cutter protagonists we usually get in gaming (especially narrative-driven). It convinced me to give the game a chance once it goes on sale.

jambola57d ago

I haven't seen people say it's offensive
Mostly just overdone and forced

jambola57d ago

"anyone who disagrees with me is just being stubborn"
Great logic there

Lexreborn257d ago

I don’t understand how you got that from what I said. I literally said at this point it’s people fixated on their own standard they set before the game launched that are being stubborn. How can I draw this conclusion? Because 90% of the people on these boards DONT have the game, they ARENT playing it, thus their views are completely fixed on nonsensical perspectives on dialogue towards the quality of a games primary component… GAMEPLAY!

Elda57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Exactly. Folks pick & choose what they consider too much cursing in a videogame & GTA games have a lot of cussing but it's fine. You also describe a great point in your comment to FingerAction about the character & how she would react. Glad to read you're enjoying the game as I know I will as well.

Abnor_Mal57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@Lexreborn2 Exactly, also let’s add Bulletstorm in there for it’s laughable cringy inducing dialogue and cursing.

Lexreborn257d ago

Duke Nukem as well lol like this is really a non factor to me. And I hope when Starfield and its obscenely large script drops that people hold this same energy when you realize how bad the dialogue will actually be.

SullysCigar57d ago

^ Starfield's protagonist won't even be voiced, which is pretty lame, but at least he won't be effing and cussing every other step like he has tourettes.

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