Voodoo Firefly gaming laptop prototype gets hands-on treatment

by Todd Haselton:

"The world has never seen the HP branded Voodoo Firefly prototype, dubbed the "HP Firefly with Voodoo DNA," a laptop that features a uniquely positioned multi-touch touchpad, dual displays, and enough gaming muscle to tear through Far Cry 2 without a flinch. But here at LAPTOP we had a chance to play around with the behemoth of a notebook before it goes before the public eye in Las Vegas.

It's one of the most innovative gaming notebooks we've ever fragged on. Voodoo provided us with an exclusive look at what is only a concept notebook. However, that doesn't mean some of this machine's innovations won't wind up in other HP or Voodoo PCs".

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Pebz4722d ago

The title and your comment combined paints a bleak picture of people's relation to hardware.

Skerj4722d ago

Hot damn I want one!! But if I know HP and Voodoo, if this ever saw the light of day it'd be like $4,000.