Review: Marvel’s Midnight Suns burns quite bright - Entertainium

Midnight Suns is like a flickering candle; it is a bright spot among strategy games, yet it is also a slow burn that will melt the hours away.

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gangsta_red62d ago

I gave it a chance. I didn't like the game mechanic of the card system. I thought combat would closely resemble X-Com 2. Had to send it back to Gamefly unfortunately, maybe at a later date I'll give it a second chance.

CrimsonWing6962d ago

I really like this game and surprisingly the card mechanic works so well. The dialogue can be a little cheesy at time, but it’s all in good fun. Highly recommended.

shinoff218362d ago

I'm looking forward to it just waiting for the dlc to come out and see if they will do a re release, they've done that with both xcoms

Xenial62d ago

I've enjoyed the xcom series as well as phoenix point. This game is a welcome addition to my collection! The sandbox open area feels as though it slows down the game progress, however, after character development, and expansion of rewards, it all fits together juxtaposed.

I am having a good time playing this title thus far.

mkis00762d ago

I have to wonder how well this game did. It got positive reviews, but i worry about it's mass appeal.