GamesAreEvil Review: Castlevania Chronicles

GamesAreEvil: "Castlevania Chronicles, up until now, had yet to be released in America. So does this PlayStation original come state side too little too late, or does this whip-wielding adventure still pack enough action to keep you interested? The underlying question is: Have we been spoiled by Symphony of the Night?

Players assume control of Simon Belmont, a vampire hunter and Castlevania series mainstay. Simon's abilities are very basic and to some point constraining, making the controls feel clunky and awkward. With the basic jump, crouch, walk and whip, it is your typical Castlevania gameplay. However, considering the previous iterations of the game had spot on controls and slightly more freedom of movement, it's a shame they couldn't recapture that with Chronicles."

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CrAppleton4207d ago

This is old school gaming right here.. if you aren't a fan you probably wont dig this

bgrundman4207d ago

I better stay away then.

Neco5124207d ago

i was a fan of the older games, maybe i should check this out.

bgrundman4207d ago

It is shame that the game can't live up to the classics

CrAppleton4207d ago

well.. that depends on what you mean by "classics"

CrAppleton4207d ago

cause technically.. this is a classic.. just not as good as say.. the super nintendo versions

bgrundman4207d ago

classic and retro are two completely different things.